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GRIDSMART designs, engineers, and assembles products for the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry and provides services to municipal partners around the world.

Our vision is to Improve One Billion Lives. We make transportation safer and more efficient for drivers, vulnerable road users, and equipment installers and maintainers.


GRIDSMART pioneered the world’s first single-camera solution for intersection actuation, traffic data collection, and situational awareness.

The GRIDSMART System has counted and classified more than 310 billion vehicles around the world with unmatched accuracy delivering safe and efficient solutions in intersections spanning across 1,300 communities, 49 states, and 29 countries.

GRIDSMART’s unmatched accuracy is perfected through 276 million hours of real-world video processed across all environmental conditions.

Total Vehicles Counted
Hours in the Field
Simple. flexible.transparent.


The GRIDSMART System is the world’s most trusted and only field-tested, single camera system for actuation. GRIDSMART gathers and interprets vital traffic data, empowers traffic professionals to adjust signal timing and traffic flow strategies, and enables real-time monitoring and visual assessment.

Users can take the open API to retrieve data and images from GRIDSMART Processors or even automate the retrieval of count or real-time data. A GRIDSMART System includes three powerful components: the iconic Bell Camera, GS2 Processor with embedded proprietary algorithms, and GRIDSMART Client.


Bell Camera

GRIDSMART pioneered horizon to horizon tracking with a fisheye lens for ITS applications. The iconic Bell Camera is the world’s first single-camera solution for intersection actuation, data collection, and situational awareness.


The GS2 Processor is the most computationally powerful piece of equipment in the traffic cabinet. GRIDSMART algorithms process and analyze video while displaying calls, status, and intersection performance on the front of GS2 with brightly multi-colored LEDs.


The GRIDSMART Client manages one or all of your GRIDSMART systems, acting as a mini TMC on your laptop. Your valuable performance data and intersection configurations are protected and uploaded nightly to the GRIDSMART Cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services.

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