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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the GRIDSMART Quarterly Circular!

We commit this publication to uphold our GRIDSMART core values of Simple, Flexible, and Transparent.  We promise to live up to the canons in our blog – What a Freak Believesand do our best to bring you high quality, useful information.

The GRIDSMART Quarterly Circular is a company newsletter, and while one may perceive a slight GRIDSMART slant in our viewpoint, this newsletter will not become a living commercial. Our aspirations are much higher than to be another four-page advertisement you get every time you open your email. You know the senders!

We want to bring you industry information, funding notices, professional development opportunities, and maybe even a relevant classified ad or two.  We certainly want to share more about GRIDSMART and its infinitely flexible utility, but our purpose is to make this a valuable source of industry information.

Last year we created the email address, where you can directly reach our senior management to CALL US OUT if we violate Simple, Flexible, or Transparent. We also want to hear what you want in the newsletter! We promise to use these same core values when we publish new editions of the circular.

2016 is a huge year in the life of GRIDSMART with the release of GS2.  We have always been known for innovative, boundary pushing software. Well, our hardware engineers answered the call; they got the message with vengeance.  We honestly believe that GS2 is the most thought out piece of hardware in the history of our industry, and while incredibly smart people have put blood, sweat, and tears into other great products around our space, no one has ever done it like this.

The primordial soup that was the birth of GS2 emanated in Nashville, Tennessee during a three day vision quest facilitated by my friend, Dr. David Owens, Professor of Innovation at Vanderbilt University (interview here), and author of “Creative People Must Be Stopped” (promo here).  This eclectic group of 27 included: an engineer of Intel-like processor chips; a telecommunications executive; industry consultants; distributors and end users; software design engineers; process engineers; and even a retired NFL football player.

With a plethora of notions, philosophies, wants and desires in hand, GRIDSMART partnered with what is perhaps the most innovative design firm of the past 2 ½ generations. Our partner sent a team of seven diverse creative professionals (design engineers, software engineers, an art director and a humanist) to watch how people use GRIDSMART in the field.  This gaggle of observers observed traffic professionals in the wild in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and far West. They interviewed our customers, academics, distributors, integrators, and even our competitors. They quizzed people from a half dozen different countries, and they even queried industry investors at the ITS World Congress in Detroit.

Afterwards, they broke bread with our executive creative team and began nine months of preparation (ironic timeline, isn’t it?) and the commencement of the GS2 design.  We think you’re going to like what happened next.  You will see it all throughout 2016.

A smidgen of foreshadowing: you can open GS2 and replace parts without tools.  We never want you to need an RMA, but if you do, many issues can be resolved with simple field repair.

The bright and colorful LEDs on GS2’s front panel show traffic light states and GRIDSMART calls, as well as camera and system status. The processor is housed in an artisan crafted, investment cast housing, and because GS2 is only 1.75” tall, it fits in your cabinets three different ways: vertically; horizontally; and rack mounted (standard 1U).

It is going to be a great year.  Please tell us what you think.

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