On September 22nd this year, the autumnal equinox befalls the northern hemisphere, our planet’s axis tilts at 90° to the sun and day and night are an equal 12 hours everywhere on the planet. More importantly for most of us, it is now fall. Old guys like me dream of driving a shoulder violently into another man trying to separate him from a 27.75 ½ inch long, 14 ounce piece of pigskin. Young men still create these violent, beautiful collisions wearing local war colors.  Knoxville’s own Kenny Chesney sings about “The Boys of Fall”, leaves begin to change color, the air cools, Deer Camps open and INTERSECT is upon us.

As predictable as the wobbly planet’s orbit, INTERSECT comes once a year and promises to change things forward. INTERSECT16 will be October 25th, 26th and 27th in Knoxville and we invite all GRIDSMART friends and family to join us for a few packed days of learning, laughing and changing transportation. Last year you were part of the launch of GS2, heard some great case studies from speakers representing five countries and were entertained and informed by former Ford Global Technologies executive John Ellis.

This year, we will have an inspirational kick-off by NFL and New England Patriot great Brian Holloway, be able to test our luck on casino night and learn about how to use new Performance Measures generated by GS2 in 2017. There will be case studies, panels, times for one-on-one meetings and there WILL BE food and drink.

Due to the overwhelming response last year, we will return to Neyland Stadium for dinner, where GRIDSMART’s own Will Overstreet will share a bit about playing at Neyland for the National Championship 1998 Volunteer Team. Day one this year will be a technical day, where you can earn TARP points, and enhance your skills in the cabinet. Days two and three will have a broader business focus where we share success stories, answer questions, and look to the future. And of course, announce the winners of Distributor of the Year and the Mary Peters Award.

I hope you join us in Knoxville, indulge in some of our southern hospitality, learn a little and set the tone for an amazing 2017.

Good day and good luck,


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After much deliberation, and with much remorse, GRIDSMART has decided to cancel INTERSECT this year. The safety of our employees, distributors and customers is of utmost importance.