About Us

Simple, Flexible, and Transparent

GRIDSMART designs, engineers, and assembles products for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industry and provides services to municipal partners around the world. Our vision is to Improve One Billion Lives. We make transportation safer and more efficient for drivers, vulnerable road users, and equipment installers and maintainers. We see the center of the intersection and lead with technology and unparalleled customer service. GRIDSMART pioneered the world’s first single-camera solution for intersection actuation, traffic data collection, and situational awareness, and continues to push boundaries for utilizing technology to improve traffic efficiency and safety.

GRIDSMART is deployed in intersections across the globe, from urban locations with a high density of drivers, bikers, and pedestrians, to suburban and rural communities in mid-size cities and small towns. Since the 2010 launch, the GRIDSMART Solution has been installed in 49 states and 29 countries. We are committed to being Simple, Flexible, and Transparent in our products, our culture, and our relationships with customers.

Our Vision

Improve One Billion Lives 

Key Facts

Our products simply work

  • GRIDSMART is the world’s first single-camera solution for actuation, data collection, and situational awareness.
  • GRIDSMART has processed more than 201 million hours of video across all environmental conditions in 49 states and 29 countries.
  • GRIDSMART has tracked, counted, and classified more than 216 billion vehicles and delivered actionable traffic data to customers worldwide.
Our Partners

We partner with the top minds and organizations in the world of ITS