©PENGART.COMHello, and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Bill Malkes, and I’m co-founder and CEO of GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. Vig Sherrill and I founded GRIDSMART in 2007 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Knoxville is home to the state’s flagship university, the University of Tennessee, and is also the gateway to the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, America’s most visited national park.

As technology entrepreneurs, Vig and I have enjoyed success over the years working with some of the smartest people in the world. Nearby Oak Ridge, Tennessee is one of the highest per capita PhD areas in the nation and home to the historic Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), a leader in energy and high performance computing, including Titan, America’s fastest supercomputer, built by Cray.

Knoxville and Oak Ridge are also surrounded by small, economically challenged communities in every direction.

With such diversity surrounding us, we’ve built our company on the pillars of three core values and the belief that technology is only great when anyone can use it. Whether you’re a nuclear engineer at Oak Ridge or a small business owner in a farm town, technology can only be great when it’s available to all people. To everyone.

GRIDSMART was founded and operates today on three core values:

Simple. Flexible. Transparent.

  • We began with these values.
  • We operate today with these values.
  • We commit ourselves, daily, to engineer and manufacture innovative products based on these values.

Operating with these three core values, we have deployed GRIDSMART in hometowns around the world, with populations from twenty thousand to twenty million.  Our products are simple to install, use, and maintain. You don’t have to be a certified product expert to benefit from advanced traffic technologies.

You have the right to know how well your products work without spending more money on studies. GRIDSMART products play nice with other products and technologies in your community.  When you purchase the GRIDSMART System, do what you want with it – with or without us. GRIDSMART lets you see exactly how well it performs. When we fix a bug, we post it for the world to see. Have you seen our open API?

The answer is GRIDSMART. Simple. Flexible. Transparent.

GRIDSMART is American made. The installation is tackled by hardworking men all over the world. Men who have an unfailing look of quiet confidence on their faces. These homegrown leaders are working toward an intelligent traffic solution that also keeps their families safe.

We at GRIDSMART recognize that there is more than one way to accomplish this, and we demand the best way. Just as we envisioned in 2007, GRIDSMART is an Advanced Traffic Management System for all. We believe in that, and we appreciate you.

Let’s make it a great day on our roads!