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Our Story

We are Traffic Control Freaks

The inspiration for GRIDSMART Technologies Inc. was born when William Malkes, someone with no previous experience in the transportation industry, believed a team could accomplish with one camera what other companies needed four cameras to do.This vision pioneered the world’s first single-camera solution for intersection actuation, traffic data collection, and situational awareness. Just look up. The iconic GRIDSMART Bell Camera is easy to spot. It’s the original fisheye camera offering a horizon to horizon view of the intersection, including an unencumbered view of the center where cars, trucks and bicycles cross paths and most collisions occur.Our founder believed that a fisheye camera was the only way to correctly deploy video to improve traffic. They were also committed to providing that technology to hometowns around the world, starting with GRIDSMART headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville, home to the state’s flagship university, the University of Tennessee, neighbors Oak Ridge, one of the highest per capita Ph.D. areas in the nation and home to Oak Ridge National Laboratory.Knoxville and Oak Ridge are also surrounded by small, economically challenged communities in every direction. Surrounded by extreme diversity, our company was built on the pillars of three core values and the belief that technology is only great when it’s accessible to everyone. Traffic managers hold people’s lives in their hands and GRIDSMART’s mission is to improve one billion lives through technology; all lives: teachers, nuclear engineers, farmers, students, politicians, police officers and postal workers.Operating with three core values: Simple. Flexible. Transparent, GRIDSMART is deployed in intersections across the globe, in urban locations with a high density of drivers, bikers and pedestrians to rural communities tucked in the Appalachian Mountains.Our vision didn’t stop at the intersection. GRIDSMART delivers smart, traffic management solutions to communities of all sizes so they can reduce urban congestion, maximize efficiency, and decrease environmental impact. Real-time performance data, including timestamped traffic volumes, turns, and average speeds, is collected and made available for analysis and better decision making. A rich set of APIs and Web Services facilitates easy integration to feed Smart City Portals and other applications.From our 2006 beginning to installations in 49 states and 29 countries, we’re committed to three principles in our products, our culture, and relationships with customers. SIMPLE. FLEXIBLE. TRANSPARENT. We’re proud of our success, but we’ll never get too comfortable. Our work is designed to make your job easy, and we’ve never lost the drive to create new products and services that keep us firmly on the cutting edge of traffic management technology.