Key Facts



  1. GRIDSMART is the world’s first single camera solution for actuation, data collection and situational awareness.
  2. GRIDSMART has processed more than 201 million hours of video across all environmental conditions in 49 states and 29 countries.
  3. GRIDSMART has tracked, counted and classified more than 216 billion vehicles and delivered actionable traffic data to customers worldwide.
  4. GRIDSMART counts, classifies and delivers data to you 365 days a year, unlike comparable temporary video counting systems that would charge more than $350 million dollars to provide the same data.
  5.  GRIDSMART installs in 3 hours or less and we keep investing in our product to lower installation time.
  6. GRIDSMART has a team of Field Application Engineers dedicated to specific regions for customer support and training. Customers can also call GRIDSMART Support at 1.866.652.5347.
  7.  GRIDSMART installation is viewable anytime at Customers have a series of videos that detail the installation process with visual and guided instructions.
  8. GRIDSMART is American made. Always has been, always will be.