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With new leadership, ITS America aims to make the annual meeting and exhibit an entirely new event from past years. The usual exhibit space, conferences, papers and demonstrations, depicted the transformative moment in intelligent transportation will be there, but with fresh energy ITS America 2016 in San Jose is where innovators connect with implementers. It’s where tech + transportation = Integrated Mobility. Transportation Redefined.

At the event, companies, public agencies, academics, engineers, researchers, regulators, lawmakers, app developers, infrastructure security agents, financiers and the media will come together to make new contacts, transfer knowledge and generate new ideas about what is next in a world where transportation is at the center of the IoT.

According to Research and Markets, the IoT within the transportation market is expected to bring about a game-changing revolution in the coming years and is projected to reach $143 billion by 2020. This growth will be from the explosion of wireless sensor networks and the broader adoption of emerging ITS technologies and IoT products and services across a host of companies from the semiconductor OEMs to network operators, software companies, and networking equipment providers.

ITS America 2016 San Jose draws from the tech field with an open, expanded format which builds upon each day and is created to generate debate, discussion and foment new ideas.

ITS America 2016 San Jose.  It’s the incubator of the next generation ITS.

Monday, June 13th “Wheels & Things”

“Wheels & Things” focuses on all “things” using, altering or creating new intelligent transportation systems technologies. It’s about those who want to move and that which needs to be moved each self-identifying, broadcasting and serving as passive information generators within the network.

Tuesday, June 14th “Infrastructure of Things”

“Infrastructure of Things” focuses on all the “stuff” the “wheels & things” interact with. The physical hardware – lights and poles, signs, medians, and loops. The network backbone. Wireline. Wireless 4G, 5G, DSRC, LTE, LTE-Direct. The “middleware” – the glue – of the intelligent transportation system.

Wednesday, June 15th “Show Me The Money!”

“Show Me The money!” focuses on what the future ITS backend looks like. Seamless payment systems, billing, customer relationship management, identity, network management.

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