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Kef Kasdin, General Partner with Battelle Ventures, has served on the Board of Directors for GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. since 2007.

She is also involved with Rachel’s Network, a community of women at the intersection of environmental advocacy, philanthropy, and women’s leadership. With a mission to promote women as agents of change dedicated to the stewardship of the earth, members meet with cutting-edge thinkers, build productive alliances, and connect with savvy, like-minded women to strengthen their leadership and effectiveness.

Kef recently participated in a trip with members of Rachel’s Network to Costa Rica where they learned about local efforts regarding a timely environmental theme, sustainable tourism. The trip was designed to highlight what Costa Rican businesses are doing to attract tourists to their country in a way that doesn’t harm the local environment.

The week-long trip had the members tour various parts of the country where sustainable work is taking place, including the Doka Estate coffee plantation and the Sibu artisan chocolate company, as well as notable landmarks, including Arenal Volcano and San Jose.

“It was interesting to learn how another culture is attracting tourists so businesses can thrive, but doing it in a way to preserve their environmental treasures,” said Kef.

Additionally, Kef noted that the Rachel’s Network members came away from their Costa Rica trip with inspiration for their projects back home and a practical understanding for the ways that human communities can live in harmony with their surroundings.

To learn more about Rachel’s Network, please visit http://rachelsnetwork.org/.

CRVilla Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel was originally owned by former Costa Rican President Rodrigo Carazo Odio and First Lady Estrella Zeledon — at Villa Blanca Hotel y Reserva Natural.

CR2In the forest at Nectandra.


At Arenal Volcano.


Three Toed Sloth sighting!

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