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Testing the Future

A GRIDSMART team visits Ann Arbor, Michigan, for an opportunity to tour the University of Michigan’s Mcity Test Facility as the GRIDSMART System is installed. The Mcity Test Facility sits on a 30-acre site on U-M’s North Campus and has more than 16 acres of roads and traffic infrastructure, complete with red light intersections, a […]

Pedal to the Metal: Demand Safety for Cyclists

In case you missed it, cyclist and pedestrian fatalities are steadily increasing. In 2018, cyclist and pedestrian fatalities rose 10%. In 2017, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that New York is the most dangerous city for cyclists in the US. Seattle, San Jose, and San Francisco fall in line right behind it. Despite […]

Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure to Vendors & Industry

Recently, I was asked by an event coordinator outside the Information Security industry to present a “live hack” on-stage during the opening day of their multi-day event. Clearly, performing a live-hack on stage has a lot of “ooh-aah” factor. My initial response was “Cool! Let’s break some stuff!” Then, my common sense kicked in and […]

Introduction to Version 19.3 Security Features Webinar

In this informative webinar, GRIDSMART Director of Software & Engineering, John Isaac, will explain the new and enhanced security features of 19.3. Learn how to do basic device configuration via a web browser, such as configuring network settings, security settings, date, time, and location without requiring a connected camera. We’ll also cover our new client […]

What is Really Going to Happen as a Result of Autonomous Vehicles and New Mobility? A Look into the Year 2020

David Levinson wrote a book that was recently published that had a chapter tied to “what happened to traffic” and predicting what could be during the 100th anniversary of the Interstate Highway Act in the United States, dateline: June 2056. Go back to the year 2018, and in the previous five years, it has been […]

Connected and…Autonomous Vehicles

Connectedandautonomous. MuldernScully. Fishnchips (you can tell I am a Brit). They all could be one word as they flow together. But many of us in the U.K. are beginning to see the need to split that single pronunciation. The reason is that many of the early benefits from connectivity, for example reduced congestion, safety, smarter […]

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After much deliberation, and with much remorse, GRIDSMART has decided to cancel INTERSECT this year. The safety of our employees, distributors and customers is of utmost importance.