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POLICYSMART 42: Innovating with Michigan DOT’s New Director Paul Ajegba

Meet Michigan DOT’s new director Paul Ajegba! For more than 29 years as a civil engineer at MDOT to now leading the department, the director has a lot to say about how he plans on building on Michigan’s role as a leader in traditional and new transportation infrastructure. In this edition of POLICYSMART, hear his views on Michigan’s […]

POLICYSMART 41: From “Dirtiest City” to Model Smart City with Kevin Comstock, Chattanooga DOT

50 years ago, Walter Cronkite announced that Chattanooga, TN had the dirtiest air in America. But then Chattanooga started investing in blazing fast internet service and now the city is considered a model Smart City to watch. In this episode of POLICYSMART, we speak with Chattanooga’s Smart Cities Director, Kevin Comstock. He shares with us […]

POLICYSMART 40: Micro-mobility with Rasheq Zarif

Scooters and e-bikes are everywhere—and they seem to have appeared overnight. You’ve probably tripped over a scooter before…or ridden one to work. You’ve probably also gone on an e-bike joyride while touring a city. Our guest, Rasheq Zarif, speaks with us about how these small wheels actually help fill a big need in our cities. He is […]

POLICYSMART 39: Autonomous and Connected Trucks and Fleets with ATA’s Ross Froat

Long haul. Regional, local and logistical delivery. Truck drivers and the general public.  Autonomous, connected, and new mobility platforms are taking center stage in trucking companies large and small.  Ross Froat, Director of Engineering and Information Technology at the American Trucking Associations, talks about how these new technologies are front-and-center for an industry that brings […]

POLICYSMART 38: How Do You Get the Public to Engage in New Mobility’s Promises of Change?

Upending the status quo. That’s a given with new mobility. How do local and state governments work with manufacturers and product and service providers in helping the public both understand and become engaged in the promises of change? We spoke with Claudia Bilotto, WSP’s transportation and infrastructure area manager for the city of Atlanta at […]

POLICYSMART 37: MCity, A Mock City – Testing Grounds for AV

Mcity. It may be a mock city proving ground for connected and autonomous vehicles but what is taking place there, and around Ann Arbor, is making the use of these technologies real, including a new testing system for evaluating the safety of autonomous vehicles. Carrie Morton is Deputy Director of this amazing research facility and […]

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