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POLICYSMART 45: Want to Test AV in Your City? Austin’s Jason JonMichael Shares What to Consider

 Is your city interested in testing autonomous vehicles? Has it been asked to test them in the future? Jason JonMichael, the City of Austin’s Assistant Director for Smart Mobility, shares with you the considerations to think through. Is your city built to support the test? Can it meet enough of the needs of the AV […]

POLICYSMART 44: Protected Bike Lanes Make Streets Safer For Everyone with Laura Bliss, CityLab

More and more people are using bikes as their preferred mode of transportation. How do we make city streets safe for the growing number of bikes? CityLab reporter Laura Bliss is here to chat with us about results from a study of crash and street design from 12 cities. You can download this podcast on Apple, Google […]

POLICYSMART 43: How to Move the Biggest City in America with Cordell Schachter, CTO of NYC DOT

Handling both technology and telecom as CTO of New York City DOT, Cordell Schachter has seen it all. In an effort to make travel safer for all NYC travelers, no matter their chosen mode of transportation, Cordell has helped initiate and manage efforts across the transportation board and talks with us about congestion pricing, 5G deployment, connected vehicle […]

POLICYSMART 42: Innovating with Michigan DOT’s New Director Paul Ajegba

Meet Michigan DOT’s new director Paul Ajegba! For more than 29 years as a civil engineer at MDOT to now leading the department, the director has a lot to say about how he plans on building on Michigan’s role as a leader in traditional and new transportation infrastructure. In this edition of POLICYSMART, hear his views on Michigan’s […]

POLICYSMART 41: From “Dirtiest City” to Model Smart City with Kevin Comstock, Chattanooga DOT

50 years ago, Walter Cronkite announced that Chattanooga, TN had the dirtiest air in America. But then Chattanooga started investing in blazing fast internet service and now the city is considered a model Smart City to watch. In this episode of POLICYSMART, we speak with Chattanooga’s Smart Cities Director, Kevin Comstock. He shares with us […]

POLICYSMART 40: Micro-mobility with Rasheq Zarif

Scooters and e-bikes are everywhere—and they seem to have appeared overnight. You’ve probably tripped over a scooter before…or ridden one to work. You’ve probably also gone on an e-bike joyride while touring a city. Our guest, Rasheq Zarif, speaks with us about how these small wheels actually help fill a big need in our cities. He is […]

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GRIDSMART Technical Support: WE ARE REAL

The GRIDSMART Field Application Engineer (FAE) Organization is geographically based to provide direct customer support. The FAEs three primary responsibilities are customer training, installation support, and post-sales technical support.  All FAEs receive...

An Update from GRIDSMART on COVID-19

Dear GRIDSMART Friends: I am writing to let you know what you can expect from GRIDSMART as shutdowns and closures multiply in light of COVID-19. Customer Support, Regional Sales, and FAEs will still be available by phone or online to support you as usual. If you have...

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After much deliberation, and with much remorse, GRIDSMART has decided to cancel INTERSECT this year. The safety of our employees, distributors and customers is of utmost importance.