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GRIDSMART Technologies Introduces POLICYSMART Brief by Regina Hopper

POLICYSMART Brief, presented by GRIDSMART. What you will hear is a quick update on what’s happening now in the world of intelligent transportation and future of mobility.  In this first episode, Regina Hopper, SVP of Global Public Policy, hear about the House and Senate version of autonomous vehicle legislation and what is being debated on […]

GRIDSMART Technologies Introduces the POLICYSMART Podcast by Regina Hopper

The POLICYSMART Podcast, presented by GRIDSMART, will keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of intelligent transportation and the future of mobility. This podcast is meant to facilitate a direct, honest and thought-provoking look at the ideas, policy, products and people behind the next generation of transportation. Join Regina Hopper, SVP […]

Public Policy Issues Driving the Next Generation of Mobility: Automated Vehicle Legislation on Capitol Hill

Written by Regina Hopper, SVP Global Public Policy, GRIDSMART Steady work is underway on legislative and regulatory efforts to define and advance the deployment of the next generation of mobility with Automated Vehicle legislation already passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee stepping in this week with the […]

The Next Generation of Transportation: Cybersecurity

Written by Regina Hopper, SVP Global Public Policy, GRIDSMART As the new person to the awesome GRIDSMART team, I want to say hello and how thrilled I am to be working with all of you to represent technologies, products and business models that will advance safe, equitable, sustainable, efficient and productive transportation systems and networks […]

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Lonsdale Elementary: One Step Closer to Playtime

To make a donation to GIVESMART in support of the Lonsdale Elementary School playground, visit our website. Kids need a place to play, to exercise their bodies as well as their minds. A place to laugh and have fun, to stretch their imaginations free from the burden of...

Bridging the Innovation Gap

Newer, better, faster, stronger. That is the mantra of innovation that fuels most industries today, especially tech-related industries. Everyone is always focused on the challenges of tomorrow, the latest trends, and putting developments “on the fast track.” It’s a...

It Is Time To Get Our Hands Dirty

We heard it at INTERSECT17 and we get it. A world away from some very good competitors, my hands and toes, the CEO’s hands and toes, have felt the widespread numb of an installation in sub-zero, 5 a.m. Middle-Michigan cold. My shoulders and neck know the relentless...

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