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POLICYSMART #3 Featuring Ron Thaniel with ITSAmerica

Capitol Hill is abuzz with talk of autonomous vehicles. The House of Representatives passed its version of legislation and a Senate Committee has signed off on a somewhat different bill.  So what is the future of “intelligent transportation” on Capitol Hill? Regina Hopper, SVP of Global Public Policy talks with Ron Thaniel, VP of Government […]

POLICYSMART #2 Featuring Bill Malkes

Join Regina Hopper as she talks with GRIDSMART CEO and Co-Founder, Bill Malkes. They talk about what inspired him to create POLICYSMART and what he hopes you will take away from it.

GRIDSMART Technologies Introduces POLICYSMART Brief by Regina Hopper

POLICYSMART Brief, presented by GRIDSMART. What you will hear is a quick update on what’s happening now in the world of intelligent transportation and future of mobility.  In this first episode, Regina Hopper, SVP of Global Public Policy, hear about the House and Senate version of autonomous vehicle legislation and what is being debated on […]

GRIDSMART Technologies Introduces the POLICYSMART Podcast by Regina Hopper

The POLICYSMART Podcast, presented by GRIDSMART, will keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of intelligent transportation and the future of mobility. This podcast is meant to facilitate a direct, honest and thought-provoking look at the ideas, policy, products and people behind the next generation of transportation. Join Regina Hopper, SVP […]

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Do you know a GRIDSMART Man?

Who is the GRIDSMART Man, you ask? The GRIDSMART Man works hard and independently. This person values demanding responsibilities, but appreciates the Simple, pursues the Flexible, and knows the best means to “get ’r done.” The GRIDSMART Man boldly punches a new trail,...

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