Each and All,

I have had the privilege of standing before y’all for years, sharing how proud I am to be a part of the GRIDSMART team and how proud I’ve been to be able to bring GRIDSMART products and principles into our customers’ communities and lives. You may have heard me talk about the “seasons of life.” The season has come for me to move to where my heart is being called in service to community. I have been blessed. It is also the occasion to celebrate and welcome Jeff Price as the leader of GRIDSMART. I am stepping down immediately as VP and GM of GRIDSMART and passing the leadership baton to Jeff, whose well-deserved time has come to lead GRIDSMART.

Y’all know my passion for community over the years, and many of you have shared in it with me. With GRIDSMART firmly rooted in Cubic, it is the right time for me to move to service, while Jeff and the GRIDSMART team flourish as part of Cubic and advance on what we all started. Jeff has been preparing for this season for years, taking on more and more responsibility. Each member of the GRIDSMART management team has done the same. Now, the team also has the benefit of substantial Cubic resources supporting them, you, and our customers. Our vision To Improve One Billion Lives Through Intelligence is alive and you will get there under Jeff’s leadership.

It has been one of the great honors of my life to work with each of you to build something very special and very different. I cannot wait to see what you do next. It will be amazing.

Be Well,

Bill Malkes, GRIDSMART Founder

To the entire GRIDSMART family:

I’m writing this with a sense of both loss and celebration. Bill Malkes – founder, CEO, lifelong Chief Provocateur – has stepped down as GRIDSMART General Manager, effective immediately.

I write with loss because I know that everyone involved with GRIDSMART in any way will miss Bill’s unique and amazing leadership immensely. I write with celebration because our friend and mentor finally gets to relax (well, maybe a little) after more than a decade, and, as he turns his attention to service, those communities where he feels called are truly going to be blessed.

Bill has been preparing the GRIDSMART Team for this day for some time. As with everything Bill does, though, things always seem to happen more quickly than folks expect. I bet some of our competitors might agree.

I’ve been particularly honored by Bill’s mentorship over the last few years and I am extremely proud and excited to step into the GM role. The entire GRIDSMART management team, every GRIDSMART employee, and I remain 100% committed to GRIDSMART. As we continue to grow as part of the Cubic family, and with the tremendous support that Cubic brings, our vision of improving the lives of one billion people is achievable even more rapidly than we imagined. I know we will achieve that vision together.

I look back with enormous gratitude and melancholy at the closing of this chapter. I look forward to the years ahead with all of you with eagerness and a great desire to perpetuate the GRIDSMART legacy.

We will keep doing what we do. We will always do the right thing. We will own our mistakes. We will support one another, our customers, and our communities. We will build great products. We will relentlessly improve. We will deliver phenomenal customer service. We will operate with grit, humility, and honesty. We will keep the GRIDSMART Way alive and growing.

We are, and always will be, GRIDSMART.

Jeff Price, VP & General Manager

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