Hey There,

It has been a while, so I wanted to say hi. I have spent the last few months on the road visiting y’all and it has been a gas. One thing not to be missed on the road is that there is a LOT of NOISE out there. As you know, at GRIDSMART we like Simple. Always have. We started that way on Day One. Simple. Flexible.  Transparent. One word descriptions followed by a period. Not really new,  you see us doing that, but we are glad to see others are following the lead.  We didn’t chase Simple. It is our core.

But I digress, I have a few things to share.

Some of you asked about competing new products promoting “all the new video tracking”. We are glad to see it. Welcome to the club! We want the best for all customers. It’s pleasing that others see the benefit of vision tracking. Next up, I heard some questions on “Transparent” and pricing. Please understand that GRIDSMART does not have regional pricing. We value and love our customers in California, New York and Timbuktu as much as those in Texas or Tennessee. You pay the same price for GRIDSMART quality wherever you live. We think everyone deserves great product at a fair price. Reach out and ask your peers somewhere else what they pay anytime you like.

On the Simple installation front…..when we quote you an installation time, that actually includes installing your hardware. We think that is kind of important in planning. Our installation time is not just making software work on roads you can’t see. 3 hours or less, always has been all inclusive. I hope that helps. Features? We try hard to describe what we do in a very clear way and tell you exactly what it will cost. Your pricing guide should not require a Sherpa to navigate or look like a bingo card in our world. If we mess this up, call us out at Principles@GRIDSMART.com. That message comes straight to MY desk. In fact, please  call us out anytime we miss Simple. Flexible. Transparent. You have my attention and appreciation for that.

Another talking point that comes up in the field is accuracy. Take a look at our virtual DVR and see GRIDSMART accuracy for yourself. Nothing to hide here, no 99% accuracy in our words and 80% stop-bar precision documented in the back of book. No third party validation needed. SEE –  the accuracy where you live without paying more.

The long and short of it all is that you have the right to ask questions, the right to clear pricing, to understandable features, to accuracy without caveats, to question claims.  Ask us or anybody about:

  • Regional pricing
  • The real performance of features that “fill a spec”
  • Pitching “economy pricing” but touting “Cadillac features”
  • Why the way a product works was changed and what they means to existing deployments
  • What does any “feature” actually do for me

If GRIDSMART does not answer these questions for you, you know where I live – call me out.

This is just what I think. Just what GRIDSMART is. I hope this note helps you cut through the noise, at least from our perspective. Let us know what you think at Principles@GRIDSMART.com

Thank You for Your Time. We Love Working with Y’all.

Stay Lucky,









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