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In case you missed it, cyclist and pedestrian fatalities are steadily increasing. In 2018, cyclist and pedestrian fatalities rose 10%. In 2017, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that New York is the most dangerous city for cyclists in the US. Seattle, San Jose, and San Francisco fall in line right behind it. Despite the data showing that cyclists and cyclist fatalities are continuing to increase in numbers, cities may not know there are cost-effective solutions to reduce unnecessary fatalities.

Cyclists across the country are teaming together to ask for more support and protection from their local governments. From demonstrations to creating a human barrier alongside protected bike lanes to protect cyclists physically with their bodies, people who care about protecting each other and their commutes are doing everything they can to ask for safer streets.

Sometimes, it’s not about how careful you are; it’s about how careful everyone else is on the road beside you. When cars and bikes meet at the intersection, there’s a number of wrong turns or accidents that can happen when both are trying to make the same green light, but these same roads can protect vulnerable road users and drivers alike with assistance from GRIDSMART. GRIDSMART has the technology to protect cyclists in the intersection, the spot where they are the most vulnerable to an accident.

GRIDSMART Version 19.3 is a software that delivers a simple solution for cyclist safety and intersection efficiency. Cyclists and other vulnerable road users can receive green light extensions when are they are in the intersection, or what we traffic professionals call the “box.” So if a cyclist is in the intersection, the green light is automatically extended to allow that cyclist enough time to exit the intersection safely.

It’s important to note that not all cyclists will need an extension. Many cyclists can quickly exit the intersection in the average green light time. We’ve thought about this and designed 19.3 to provide green extensions only to those cyclists who need it, creating an efficient and safe intersection for all users.

A safer and more efficient intersection is the goal of so many cities, and it can be realized today. Cities who struggle with budget limits or technology can easily utilize GRIDSMART. It’s simple to install, and it’s a more cost-effective solution. As a cyclist, vulnerable road user, or citizen who just wants to protect your neighbors, you can demand action and request safer intersections. It’s as easy as speaking to your local government. Let’s work together to reduce cyclist and pedestrian fatalities. Ask your city and local government to install The GRIDSMART System and 19.3.

Want to learn more about 19.3? Check out our helpful resources below:

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Introduction to Version 19.3 Webinar

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Written by Brooke McGee, Marketing Communications Coordinator, GRIDSMART,  A Cubic Company

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