Ford Motor Company was built on the belief that freedom of movement drives human progress.

It’s a belief that has always fueled our passion to create great cars and trucks. And today, it drives our commitment to become the world’s most trusted company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world that help people move more safely, confidently, and freely.

We believe self-driving vehicles have an important role to play in the future of our cities. Over 110+ years ago, Ford opened the highways for all humankind by providing an affordable mobility solution; today, we are doing it again. Our plan is to launch a self-driving commercial service in 2022 that moves both people and goods in Austin, Miami, and Washington, D.C., working closely with our city partners to deliver a service that fits its unique transportation needs and ultimately makes people’s lives better.

Ford is bringing together the future of mobility by thinking about every piece of the business to bring this service to life. We know that for our self-driving service to be valuable, scalable, and profitable, we need to think about the entire picture.

For Ford, the entire picture includes creating the best customer experience to differentiate us from other self-driving services; utilizing our fleet management and operations expertise to ensure we are optimizing our vehicles time on the road to serve customers; developing the world’s best self-driving system (SDS) with our technology partner Argo AI; and building a safe and reliable vehicle that integrates auto engineering and AI expertise to deliver people and goods.

Collaborating with cities is also critically important for rolling out a successful self-driving service. Every city has unique transportation needs, and Ford understands you can’t just replicate a service from one city to another. Before any of our test vehicles start driving autonomously in a municipality, Ford, Argo AI, and the city work together to identify where self-driving cars could make the most significant difference to fit into a city’s broader transportation ecosystem.

Testing also plays a critical role in building trust in this new technology. Ford and Argo AI are testing and operating in six major cities: Austin, Detroit, Miami, Palo Alto, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C. We believe this is the largest urban testing footprint for any company developing self-driving technology. The numerous testing locations also means we are testing in a variety of environments to build the most robust and safest self-driving system.

We believe self-driving vehicles have the potential to be one part of the solution that solves congestion and reduces accidents while making people’s lives better, whether they have a package delivered or are hailing a ride. We know the journey will be long and complicated, but we remain committed to building trust in a self-driving future that serves us all.

To stay up-to-date on how Ford is building a self-driving business and the latest news, please visit our Medium Self-Driven blog.

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