GRIDSMART is hiring an Outside Sales Representative

GRIDSMART is hiring an Outside Sales (Business Development) Representative to cover the Rocky Mountain Region, including Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Washington.

The Outside Sales Representative is responsible for selling GRIDSMART through the achievement of sales quotas. The Outside Sales Representative will reach his or her business targets through effective management of designated territories and physical visits to customer sites. This individual will also develop ongoing, profitable relationships with customers and continually maintain a professional image of the company. Integrity, passion, and in-person presentational skills are essential for this role.

For a complete job description, please contact Michelle Grossholz at

INTERSECT Kicks Off on October 25

On September 22nd this year, the autumnal equinox befalls the northern hemisphere, our planet’s axis tilts at 90° to the sun and day and night are an equal 12 hours everywhere on the planet. More importantly for most of us, it is now fall. Old guys like me dream of driving a shoulder violently into another man trying to separate him from a 27.75 ½ inch long, 14 ounce piece of pigskin. Young men still create these violent, beautiful collisions wearing local war colors.  Knoxville’s own Kenny Chesney sings about “The Boys of Fall”, leaves begin to change color, the air cools, Deer Camps open and INTERSECT is upon us.

As predictable as the wobbly planet’s orbit, INTERSECT comes once a year and promises to change things forward. INTERSECT16 will be October 25th, 26th and 27th in Knoxville and we invite all GRIDSMART friends and family to join us for a few packed days of learning, laughing and changing transportation. Last year you were part of the launch of GS2, heard some great case studies from speakers representing five countries and were entertained and informed by former Ford Global Technologies executive John Ellis.

This year, we will have an inspirational kick-off by NFL and New England Patriot great Brian Holloway, be able to test our luck on casino night and learn about how to use new Performance Measures generated by GS2 in 2017. There will be case studies, panels, times for one-on-one meetings and there WILL BE food and drink.

Due to the overwhelming response last year, we will return to Neyland Stadium for dinner, where GRIDSMART’s own Will Overstreet will share a bit about playing at Neyland for the National Championship 1998 Volunteer Team. Day one this year will be a technical day, where you can earn TARP points, and enhance your skills in the cabinet. Days two and three will have a broader business focus where we share success stories, answer questions, and look to the future. And of course, announce the winners of Distributor of the Year and the Mary Peters Award.

I hope you join us in Knoxville, indulge in some of our southern hospitality, learn a little and set the tone for an amazing 2017.

Good day and good luck,


Paid Internship – Product Management and Marketing

GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. is seeking a Product Management and Marketing Intern. The GRIDSMART internship is ideal for someone who is looking to gain experience in the following areas:

  • Product marketing;
  • Product management;
  • Working for an early stage rapidly growing company;
  • International business.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Work with the Director of Product to ensure processes are followed and deadlines are met;
  • Research and write reports on competitors and the market as a whole;
  • Develop and implement new ways to capture customer feedback;
  • Help implement new ways to improve the overall customer experience;
  • Help write and review sales and marketing collateral;
  • Research and write blogs for the website;
  • Solve problems.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s (junior or senior year) or Master’s Program.
  • Self-motivated;
  • Hardworking;
  • Team player;
  • Doesn’t require a great deal of oversight once they have been given clear direction;
  • Can prioritize their own workload;
  • Set and meet deadlines;
  • Strong written and verbal skills;
  • Able to work 10 to 15 hours a week;

Company’s Goal for the Position:

At the conclusion of the internship and depending on the quality of their work as well as their fit on the team, the individual would be offered a full time position with the company.

Applying for the Position:

If you wish to apply, please send your resume to the Director of Product, Will Overstreet, at

Improvements to Highway 4 Bottleneck Completed

Contra Costa County, Calif., Transportation Authority Executive Director Randy Iwasaki talks about the six year, $1.3 billion plan to improve Highway 4’s reputation as a bottleneck. Iwasaki serves on the GRIDSMART Board of Directors.

Originally appeared in California Patchcar_driving_generic_shutterstock_130196291-1469114594-4979

Improvements hoped to turn around state Highway 4’s reputation as a bottleneck to the growing eastern parts of Contra Costa County were ushered in by local leaders Wednesday morning at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The event, which was held in view of the highway in Antioch, marked the recent completion of projects that various county, state and federal agencies have been collaborating on over six years.

Randell Iwasaki, Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s executive director, offered the various stakeholders in attendance for the ceremony pins emblazoned with “I Heart Highway 4.” “There was an ‘I Hate Highway 4’ website and a license plate,” he explained, adding that his agency’s goal has long been to reverse that sentiment.

Iwasaki said the stretch of highway was among the nation’s worst commutes during peak hours but an additional two lanes in each direction, new connector ramps and a BART extension are changing that. The highway went from four to eight lanes from Loveridge Road in Pittsburg to just west of state Highway 160 in Antioch. Additionally, four lanes occupy a previous two-lane stretch of the highway between Lone Tree Way and Balfour Road in Brentwood. One of the projects to improve the highway also added missing connector ramps at the Highway 160 interchange, not far from where the ceremony took place.

Iwasaki said the projects have been the result of partnerships with Caltrans, BART, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the California Transportation Commission, Federal Highway Administration and others. Elected officials who spoke during the event were quick to credit the county’s voters as well. More than a quarter of the highway improvement, $362 million, was funded through Measure J, a half-cent sales tax reauthorized by voters in 2004, and through the previous tax.

“Getting to this day hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been cheap and it hasn’t been quick,” Supervisor Federal Glover said, who explained that the improvements represent a combined investment of around $1.3 billion. Glover added, “The MVP in the partnership (behind the highway improvement) are the voters. … It’s no exaggeration that without their strong support we would not be here today.”

Part of the plan to enhance transportation in the region, the 10-mile extension of the BART system into eastern portions of the county, is not expected to be operational until winter 2017, Glover noted. The extension, which is adding stations along Highway 4 near Railroad Avenue in Pittsburg and Hillcrest Avenue in Antioch, has been referred to as eBART and will use new diesel-powered trains. “We went through an entire process trying to figure out how to get (a BART station) out here,” Pittsburg Mayor Ben Johnson said. “Hopefully they’ll change it (from eBART) to BART, because it’s one system.”

Joel Keller, a BART director, responded to the mayor’s remarks. “I think that’s probably appropriate,” he said. “We refer to it now as BART to Antioch and I think on the map you won’t be able to make a distinction.”

The trains along the extension will run on separate tracks past the Pittsburg/Bay Point station and will require that riders transfer at that station. But Keller said the transfer takes only 27 steps across the station
for a rider. Keller also commented that the Highway 4 improvements made it so even more extensions in the future remained a possibility. “(The projects) preserved the right of way to not only come here to Antioch, but to move farther east if we can ever find the financing, political support and ridership to justify it,” Keller said.

The improvements to the highway also came with a reconstruction of older infrastructure, including 21 bridges between Pittsburg and Brentwood. Iwasaki said the bridges were “built to last” using new materials, joking that if the infrastructure wasn’t still functional in 40 years that people should give him a call. In ending his remarks today, Iwasaki said he was confident the highway investments would have “a positive impact on the lives of our 250,000 neighbors in eastern Contra Costa County.”

Mansoor Asif Remembrance

The GRIDSMART family lost one of our own on July 27th as Mansoor Asif of Waleed Associates in the Sultanate of Oman passed away.

Mansoor was an early adopter of GRIDSMART as he understood his business well and had a vision of how to take care of his customers. Much more important than that, he was a good man. Mansoor was one of those guys who just made you feel at ease anytime you were with him.

As a Westerner in the Middle East, there was a time or two when I felt out of place and a smile from Mansoor brought me back to a state of ease.  We were fortunate that he was able to join us in Knoxville for INTERSECT15. After seeing his world, we got to show him a bit of how we roll on Rocky Top. He had a good time here and told me so. I am glad we had the chance to host him, happy that he got to see our home. I am grateful I got the chance to know him. He was a very good man. Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends at Waleed and more meaningfully, with his family. We are sorry for your loss.

Rest well my friend, from everyone at GRIDSMART.




Mansoor made the trip from Oman to Knoxville, Tennessee for INTERSECT in October 2015. The group enjoyed dinner at Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee. Mansoor is in middle of  the second row (behind Bill Malkes and wearing a black coat with a purple sweater and white shirt).