ITS America Annual Meeting

GRIDSMART® attended the Intelligent Transportation Society of America’s 25th Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. The Annual Meeting focused on showcasing the safety benefits that emerging technologies can bring to the commuting public. The event drew an estimated 2,000 transportation officials, high-tech leaders and researchers who gathered to witness the latest in cutting edge mobility.

During the show, GRIDSMART introduced the latest products in the GRIDSMART lineup that continue to enhance the company’s commitment to making traffic technology faster, smarter and easier. GRIDSMART also unveiled the company’s new branding, including a new website, logo, video and “Traffic Control Freaks.”





Regina Hopper, President and CEO of ITS America, had the opportunity to learn about GRIDSMART technology and also attended our VIP Dinner. The GRIDSMART team is very excited to work with Regina and believes she will lead the industry on a path of advocacy and outreach and further it significantly.


We also had the opportunity to introduce the GRIDSMART system to many new organizations and explain how we are able to use a single camera for actuation and data collection.




We also want to say a special thank you to Kef Kasdin, who serves on our Board of Directors, for attending the event.


For more information on the event, visit

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GRIDSMART Introduces Web-based Traffic Solution

ITS International covered GRIDSMART in the first edition of Daily News at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America’s Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.


Lauren Jochum of Gridsmart

GRIDSMART Technologies is introducing new products during the ITS America Annual Meeting, continuing to enhance the company’s commitment to making traffic technology faster, smarter and easier.

“Our focus is to continually build the GRIDSMART lineup with affordable strategies that allow traffic managers to create safer and less congested communities,” said Dr. Jeff Price, Chief of Technology. “Our latest product, GRIDSMART Atlas, optimizes taxpayer dollars by deploying one product that can be utilized by various city entities.”

GRIDSMART Atlas is a web-based software solution that delivers a dynamic time-lapse loop of the recent past, allowing users to quickly capture an overview of traffic. It also empowers traffic departments to securely share imagery from GRIDSMART systems and other IP cameras with outside entities.

“Utilizing the infrastructure already in place, you can easily capture images and use them yourself; share them with other departments, such as fire, police, or homeland security; or even make them securely available to the public,” said Price. “Atlas allows different departments to have access to the parts they need, but provides fine-grained control so configurations and other admin operations won’t be disturbed.”

Because Atlas is accessed from any standard compliant web browser, there is no need for special software or applications. It displays correctly from a variety of devices, including wall displays, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Atlas was engineered to free up IT resources and uses less bandwidth than a typical video solution with nominal upkeep for IT departments.

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Welcome To The New GRIDSMART Website

Good day all.

Wow! It has been an amazing year, and it’s only June. We have evolved from the generic handle “Aldis” (in reverence to Arthur Cyril Webb Aldis, an inventor of visual signaling devices) to GRIDSMART® Technologies, Inc., or GRIDSMART. Our esteemed users had their 1.5 billionth vehicle pass through a GRIDSMART controlled intersection in one of twenty-two countries. And while there is so much more on the way in the next seven months, today is about moniker evolution and our new website.

Aldis was our company name, but as familiar as the iconic bell camera is, GRIDSMART has always been the brand. In 2015, it became more so than ever before. GRIDSMART not only makes your intersections and highways effective, safer and more efficient, it has become your go-to source for data collection with its Counts Module (soon to be Performance Module), vehicle tracking and its own novel intersection view. GRIDSMART is now the only identity that matters as the name Aldis, like the Aldis signal lamp, fades into history.

All this progress aside, and consistent with the famous GRIDSMART company pillars of Simplicity, Flexibility and Transparency, I am thrilled to introduce our new website where all the best of GRIDSMART lives in harmony at a single location. At the new, you’re just a click away from all of your GRIDSMART clouds assets like designer, quick start and installation guides. Helpful “how-to” video resources are live on the same page.

Download the latest software and check out upcoming webinars just as easily. Sync your laptop to all of your sites right at by launching directly into GRIDSMART Cloud. Of course, you can stay up to date with all GRIDSMART related social media, including our popular Freak Speak blog, right from the homepage.

We are Traffic Control Freaks.

So bookmark that home page, subscribe to Freak Speak and be ready for a toolbox designed for you by GRIDSMART: open APIs, virtual DVRs, rich and flexible data and a homepage that’s easier to use. And as always, let us know what we can do to make your life easier.

– The Traffic Control Freaks at GRIDSMART

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Traffex 2015

GRIDSMART was an exhibiting company at Traffex 2015, which was held on April 21-23 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. We had the opportunity to discuss our “See More. Spend Less.” approach to traffic management with more than 10,000 of Europe’s most influential buyers in the traffic, transport, road safety, parking and highway maintenance industries. Demo stations were set up to give visitors a hands-on feel for how GRIDSMART’s horizon to horizon approach gives the user flexible and complete data collection capabilities as well as unmatched situational awareness and incident management views.


As “Traffic Control Freaks,” we are passionate about telling people how GRIDSMART can enhance the quality of life in a community. Traffex 2015 was a very successful event for the GRIDSMART team as it allowed us to share a fresh look at noninvasive traffic signal controller detection and intuitive data collection opportunities.

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EDA Official Visits To Discuss Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

By Tom Ballard, Chief Alliance Officer, Pershing Yoakley & Associates, P.C.

edaTwo of Knoxville’s more seasoned entrepreneurs were on center stage yesterday when a top official of the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) visited the region.

Bill Malkes, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Gridsmart Technologies, Inc., formerly known as Aldis, and Tommy Thomas, Chief Technical Officer of Third Dimension Technologies, had the opportunity to discuss their technology-based start-ups during a visit by Matt Erskine, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development and Chief Operating Officer of EDA.

Erskine’s visit was coordinated by Grady Vanderhoofven, Co-Founder and Fund Co-Manager for Meritus Ventures. The Assistant Secretary asked him to organize a small discussion as a result of EDA’s recent award of a $250,000 seed capital planning grant to a consortium organized by Tech 2020.

Vanderhoofven and Ken Woody of Innova Memphis are the Co-Principal Investigators and Co-Project Directors for the grant.

Both Malkes, whose company counts Meritus among its investors, and Thomas have been pursuing their technology passions for a number of years. We have chronicled their progress in a series of articles on

During his luncheon presentation at Tech 2020, Malkes showed Erskine and Bertha Partin of EDA’s Atlanta Regional Office a “live” demonstration of the Gridsmart system deployed at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Northshore Drive in Knoxville.

“It’s a unique system for intersection actuation and traffic data collection,” Malkes explained. “We take the camera and track everything going around.”

He described the Gridsmart corporate philosophy with three words – simple, flexible and transparent.

“Most of what we do, others can do, but with much more equipment,” Malkes said. That reality reduces both cost and complexity.

Another key attribute for the company that has clients in 22 countries and 38 states is its ability to cost effectively serve communities with as few as five or six traffic signals.

Malkes showed the latest versions of his processor and camera to the Assistant Secretary. Version 3 of the processor will be unveiled in June.

After the lunch discussion, Erskine traveled to the Fairview Technology Center for a “show and tell” on Third Dimension’s Angular Slice 3D display technology that goes beyond traditional stereo displays and provides a fully immersive 3D user experience. Unlike Gridsmart Technologies, Thomas noted that his company has funded much of its technology development with Small Business Innovation Research grants.

Earlier in the morning, Erskine visited with a small group of individuals to learn more about the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and the challenges facing start-ups.

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