Intersect16 Brings Together Transportation Leaders from Around the World

Intesect16, the annual high-tech transportation summit, kicked off today at the world headquarters of GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. in Knoxville, TN. In its short history, the event has attracted world renowned transportation leaders to discuss technological innovations that will save time, money and lives, and this year is shaping up to be one of the most insightful events to date.

The event kicked off with a breakfast meeting hosted by the GRIDSMART Sales & Engineering team followed by remarks by co-founder and CEO Bill Malkes. Malkes said, “As a company and as a member of the greater intelligent transportation community, we are truly excited about what the future holds. We’re committed to improving the quality of life for people around the world by sticking to our philosophy of being Simple. Flexible. Transparent.

As the sessions progressed, GRIDSMART hit several key areas of progress for the company including the overall operating system, cloud computing features and mobile applications driving the next generation of traffic management.

Preston Garland, director of Web Services for GRIDSMART gave an overview of ATLAS, the web-based software platform that allows traffic departments to securely share imagery and intersection value information from GRIDSMART systems and IP cameras with outside partners. This revolutionary platform brings critical data that can be seen from anywhere and shared with anyone in the world.

“There’s tremendous value for emergency responders and engineering departments to be able to see intersections in real-time, and it’s not expensive,” Garland said. “It’s completely cloud-based and there’s no software to install. You add in map views, historical data and data visualization modules, as well as intersection video playback, and you’ve got one of the most powerful traffic monitoring platforms in the world.”

Jeff Price, Chief Technology Officer, discussed the massive volume of intersection performance data and huge numbers of vehicle turning movement counts that are collected by the GRIDSMART system 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the industry’s only open application program interface (API) to pull data, Price was able to paint an in-depth traffic picture for Knoxville, TN and Allentown, PA over 2 years of perpetually collected, minute by minute data, something impossible to do with traditional short-term count studies.

Price said, “Spot counts create blind spots of information that can be dangerous. Some of the most interesting and useable data from a traffic management and planning perspective came at times that you normally wouldn’t anticipate with traditional time-count methods.” He went on to say the intersection information collected by GRIDSMART equipment would have cost millions of dollars if conducted through temporary camera data collection.

“Our methods not only save millions of dollars by eliminating temporary counts, but you can capture information using the GRIDSMART API and open source software that no one will be able to collect with traditional methods. For us and our customers, it’s always about doing more and spending less.”

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The GRIDSMART Love Language

Hey There,

My name is Bill Malkes, I am a founder at GRIDSMART. If we have not met, I am sorry for that, because I am thankful for everyone reading this. If you are reading this, I would guess you want to know more about GRIDSMART. We deliver advanced traffic solutions that anyone can use. More than that, we deliver respect for you, shown through what I guess you would call our love language, sweat.

GRIDSMART is made in the United States. Built strong by people who call East Tennessee home, no matter where we started. That means we say Sir and Ma’am, we talk a little slower and smile a little more. If you come to our office, you will get a firm handshake and be looked in the eye by a pair of friendly eyes who really mean it when they say “Glad y’all are here”. You will meet people who work here because they earn a living doing what they believe in, not people who are here just to get a pay check. You will meet people who really want to do a great job for you in everything they do. People who surely believe it when they say: Simple, Flexible, Transparent in all we do.  Come see us at INTERSECT16, you will feel it.

We could be like the other guys and make it cheaper somewhere else or even try and pass costs on to you. We just don’t want to. Fair dollar for a fair day and it cuts both ways-Customers and Team Members.

We like to think that starts where the company started. No one in Senior Management at GRIDSMART had college paid for them by someone being nice. One had an athletic scholarship, a guy who won a National Championship. Others had academic scholarships, including one who went to the Naval Academy and served our country; he only went to the Academy AFTER enlisting. Then, there are a lot whole who just worked hard and gave sweat to pay for our own education.

I have been called a “BlueTech Guy”. I admit it, I like it. I have pulled laundry shoots at inter-city hospitals, dug ditches in the country, put out fires and earned a lot of grime under my nails getting to where I could start GRIDSMART. That is who we are. We are the guys and gals who came from where you came from. We honestly care about what you do and about the people you do it for. We try to work extra hard to make at least a bit of your day easier. We want to be 15 minutes of shade for you on a hot day. That is why GRIDSMART will always be Simple. Flexible. Transparent.

That’s just me and that is all I know. A “Billism” around here to our vendors is “Earn my business with sweat, not sweet talk”.  I try to do the same for you.

Bill Malkes Signature


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Thanks to Our Heroes

One hears about corporations in the news wanting to be “people” when it comes to political influence and basic rights. However, most corporations shy far way from being human when it comes to all the other things that go with being part of a greater good. We try hard not to be “that guy” at GRIDSMART. We honor and love the military, the police and fire officers that put their lives on the line daily for all of us. We respect and treasure those from all disciplines who work daily to make life better for everyone. We try to make a difference, not only in the way we do business, but in what we do outside of business.

image1Today,  I salute GRIDSMART’s own, Don Chouinard, who served as part of Operation Sharp Edge for the United States Marines in Liberia in 1990. Sharp Edge was an evacuation operation that freed non-combatants and foreign nationals from an extremely hostile environment, delivering them to safety. Under fire from hostiles, the United States Marines secured a perimeter and held the ground while the innocent were delivered to safety. Thank you Lance Corporal Chouinard and thanks to all who served in Operation Sharpe Edge, from everyone in the GRIDSMART family. It is those willing to sacrifice their safety, their comfort, their time, their financial resources who are the heroes that make this world better for all. We believe it is our responsibility at GRIDSMART to stand by you. Thanks all I know.

Bill Malkes Signature

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GRIDSMART Is Hiring a Product Support Engineer

GRIDSMART is hiring a Product Support Engineer. The Product Support Engineer is responsible for ensuring GRIDSMART customers are properly trained and up to date on the latest best practices and product features. The Product Support Engineer will provide onsite and technical sales support for GRIDSMART video detection product lines and other product offerings represented by GRIDSMART. The position will work closely with district sales managers supporting all accounts as needed to maintain and grow GRIDSMART’s customer base, as well as provide phone support, field support, troubleshooting, maintenance, installation, and customer training of all products. Responsibilities will also include support for beta testing and managing field test sites for new products.

For a complete job description, please contact Matt Greenoe at

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International Traffic Technology Leader SWARCO to Acquire McCain Inc.

GRIDSMART would like to congratulate SWARCO, a GRIDSMART Distributor, and McCain Inc., a GRIDSMART partner, on their announcement today.

VISTA, CA–(Marketwired – August 26, 2016) – McCain Inc. announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to sell 100% of its shares to Austrian-based traffic technology group, SWARCO. The deal to acquire the California-based company at an undisclosed amount is scheduled to close on August 31, 2016. McCain — a long-time industry leader in the U.S. market for urban advanced traffic control equipment including traffic controllers, cabinets, signals, signs, and software — will retain its distinct brand and culture.

McCain founder and CEO Jeffrey L. McCain is pleased with the prospect the deal presents for McCain’s brand legacy and team members. “As a global leader in road safety and traffic management solutions with similar values and a family-owned culture akin to McCain’s, SWARCO is the perfect choice to continue McCain’s tradition of outstanding customer service, industry-leading technology solutions, and world-class manufacturing. Being part of the SWARCO Group will offer McCain team members, customers, and distribution partners continuity as well as new opportunities for shared growth and success.”

SWARCO founder and owner Manfred Swarovski is also very excited about the natural fit between the two corporations: “McCain is one of the best run companies in the traffic industry. I have great admiration for Mr. McCain’s achievements over the past thirty years. SWARCO and McCain have complementary rather than competing products and solutions, and strong synergies in terms of business ethics, culture, and corporate dynamics,” he said.

An international leader in products and solutions for road safety and intelligent traffic management, SWARCO intends to strengthen its position in the U.S. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market, where the company is predominantly known for itsparking guidance and dynamic message signs, through the acquisition of McCain Inc.

“We plan to build upon the McCain brand and envision broadening the company’s diverse product portfolio through the addition of many of our ITS products and solutions, including the world-renowned, optically-brilliant Dynamic Message Sign technology,” explains SWARCO’s executive for ITS, Michael Schuch.

Jeffrey and Beth McCain will retain full ownership of McCain Manufacturing — its employees, operations, products and services, including contract manufacturing services and all non-traffic McCain-branded products.

About McCain Inc.
McCain Inc. develops products used by millions of people around the world each day. A manufacturing powerhouse since 1987, the company’s brand portfolio includes advanced traffic control equipment and integrated transportation systems to create safer, more mobile, and more livable communities. Team McCain is comprised of more than 500 employees at operations in the United States and Mexico.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

About the SWARCO Group
SWARCO — the traffic technology corporation of Austrian entrepreneur Manfred Swarovski — is an international group providing the complete range of products, systems, services and solutions for road safety and intelligent traffic management. With almost five decades of experience in the industry, SWARCO supports the growing mobility needs of society with turnkey systems and solutions in road marking, urban and interurban traffic control, parking, public transport, detection, infomobility and energy-efficient, LED-based signaling and lighting technology. Cooperative systems, V2I communication, e-mobility, and integrated software solutions for the Smart City are latest, future-oriented fields in the group’s portfolio.

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