We traveled to Singapore to attend the ITS World Congress, and one of the highlights for us at the show was the opportunity to speak and participate in the “Fueling Transportation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Edge” panel with Intel.

Representatives from Intel, GRIDSMART, Advantech, and ITS Taiwan discussed the impact of technology and how companies are implementing new, scalable solutions to make mobility in cities smarter, safer, faster, and accessible to everyone. Michael Harvard, Senior Manager of Sales for International Markets, represented GRIDSMART during the panel.

Michael Harvard, Senior Manager of Sales for International Markets at Cubic | GRIDSMART

Sameer Sharma, Global GM of Smart Cities, Intel, led the engaging and thought-provoking panel on the future of smart cities and transportation. Sameer stated, “AI is a game-changer and here to stay, and users like GRIDSMART are using Intel OpenVino to optimize their solutions. (OpenVINO stands for Open Visual Inferencing and Neural Network Optimization). GRIDSMART uses OpenVINO as part of our vision processing engine and AI.” Sameer asked about leveraging the ecosystem such as this with Cubic, and Michael discussed how Cubic | GRIDSMART are finding new ways to improve the user experience and quality of life.  

One of the ways Cubic | GRIDSMART is improving the quality of life for communities is by utilizing Intel’s OpenVINO for cyclist safety. Soledad Alborno, Product Director of Cities and Transportation, Intel,  explains, “IOT and Artificial Intelligence is making Smart Cities safer, and Intel is providing the tools for the leaders in the industry to access the technology to make it possible. A great example of this is the GRIDSMART System that uses Intel OpenVINO to improve safety for bicyclists and vulnerable road users; it is the fast adoption of the new technology and quick deployment that will allow us to create the cities of the future.” The GRIDSMART System includes the Performance Plus Module, which has an update called 19.3, that applies Intel’s OpenVINO to detect and follow cyclists into and all the way through the intersection and keep the traffic light green for as long as it takes them to clear the intersection safely. This application allows us to continue advancing safety for cities and the cities of the future.

The panel also discussed the most significant challenges to smart city initiatives. Michael addressed the need for open standards and a dynamic shift from reactive traffic solutions to influential technologies. Edwin Teo, Advantech’s Regional Sales Manager for the ASEAN Region, believed that the need for solutions to be scalable with the ability to adapt and support future technologies was of great importance. And Dr. YC Chang, ITS Taiwan President, thought that we needed to view mobility as a service with an end goal of being operationally developed to each particular area or region.

Regardless of where companies are with AI, the future is here, and it’s happening right now. AI and 5G are already disrupting the markets, and the future of transportation will rely on close collaboration and communication between each company composing a smart city’s ecosystem. To learn more about Intel and to engage with their ecosystem for smart cities, visit their website.

GRIDSMART is an Affiliate Member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. From modular components to market-ready systems, Intel and the 800+ global member companies of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provide scalable, interoperable solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics. Close collaboration with Intel and each other enables Alliance members to innovate with the latest technologies, helping developers deliver first-in-market solutions. Learn more at intel.com/iotsolutionsalliance.

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