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GRIDSMART version 19.3 is available for download today, delivering revolutionary technology to your community. Do you utilize the Performance Plus Module? (If you don’t, take advantage of the free 45-day test drive of Performance Plus). If you are shaking your head yes, the cyclist world in your community is changed for the better forever.

Steve Jobs said, “Apple is about people who think outside the box, people who want to use computers to help them change the world, to help them create things that make a difference, and not just get a job done.” I believe we did the spirit of Jobs proud with 19.3 addressing California MUTCD 2014 Revision 3 requiring signal extensions for cyclists.

In version 19.3, the Performance Plus Module provides extension calls for cyclists in the box. It does not waste signal time just because a cyclist exists; it does not provide an insufficient short extension time if a cyclist is not moving quickly. Instead, 19.3 makes the correct extension call for the situation. The GRIDSMART System is self-aware.

In GRIDSMART transparency, our Changelog notes that the system is optimized for safety and performance and that means smart tradeoffs. It means extending the call when appropriate, erring on the side of caution when necessary while still maximizing performance, especially compared to legacy stop-line discrimination.

GRIDSMART 19.3, still tracking first, also uses deep neural nets, creating incredible accuracy from even a single frame. However, off-the-shelf deep nets are not the defining influence in changing the world.

Protecting cyclists in the real area of potential danger is how you change the world, one intersection at a time.

Improving One Billion Lives Through Intelligence has been our vision from day one. This vision imaged and pioneered the world’s first single camera system, processed 80 million hours of real-world video, and delivers simple GRIT to 1,200 communities worldwide.

You may ask why GRIDSMART didn’t release this feature when others rushed to add this feature. We didn’t distribute a potential solution to California MUTCD 2014 to simply check off a required feature; GRIDSMART put out the right solution to protect cyclists in the real area of potential danger. Deep nets can certainly solve some problems, but experience, creativity, and out of the box thinking are requisite for deep neural nets to deliver real-world solutions.

You hear a lot about deep learning and so much hype makes them the answer to curing everything from world hunger to baldness. The truth is that deep neural nets are only as good as their training data and depend on a lot of good old-fashioned engineering based on real-world experience. More than 80 million hours of real-world experience is delivered to you by GRIDSMART daily. We will always explore the latest technology, but when we deliver it to you, it will be as a meaningful outcome in your community.

Want to learn more about deep learning? Register for INTERSECT19 and join Jeff Price, GRIDSMART CTO, as he educates attendees on the true story surrounding deep learning.

Download GRIDSMART version 19.3 for the full benefits. If you have Performance Plus, you can put our words into action so your local cyclists are protected as vulnerable road users.

Bill Malkes
Founder, VP, and General Manager
GRIDSMART, A Cubic Company

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