Written By Jeff Price, Chief Technology Officer

If you haven’t downloaded and installed GRIDSMART Version 6.8 Software, you’re missing out on some significant benefits.

As always, GRIDSMART strives to be Simple, Flexible, and Transparent. We’ve been listening to our customers and GRIDSMART 6.8 improves startup speed, reduces camera discovery time, and adds the all-new and industry-first Occupancy Based Actuation (OBA) feature.

OBA lets customers create vehicles zones that trigger different outputs based on the estimated number of vehicles in the zone. Now you don’t need to draw two zones to achieve third-car protected left actuation. You can draw a single zone that sends one output for any cars and a different output when there are three or more cars. With a good camera view of the zone, you can even program particular outputs for up to six vehicles.

Another improvement we believe our customers will really appreciate is that we have decreased camera discovery time by more than 70%, now finishing in under one-and-a-half minutes from power up or camera connection for properly connected cameras. This should really improve installation, setup, and troubleshooting.

We’ve also improved the behavior of the GS2 front-panel camera LEDs to be more responsive to real-time changes and make clear exactly what’s happening at any given time. The CAMSTAT light, labeled CAMERA 1 until recently, now indicates the status of all configured cameras with the following signals:

  • Flashing amber – Searching for cameras
  • Flashing red – A configured camera is not receiving images
  • Solid green – All configure cameras are receiving images

The NEWCAM light, labeled CAMERA 2 until recently, simply indicates when any new cameras are present with a solid green.

Take a look at the 6.8 Changelog to see all the other improvements and fixes. Take advantage of all the new software features by downloading the latest version here, and if you want to learn more about what 6.8 has to offer, you can view our webinar on the GRIDSMART Vimeo channel.

GRIDSMART 6.8 is a direct result of your feedback. Please contact us through our new Support Portal with continued feedback and new feature requests. We love hearing your needs and ideas and look forward to hearing your stories about how GRIDSMART 6.8 is helping you improve intersection actuation.

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