Written by Matt Greenoe, Director of Technical Services

The GRIDSMART system is designed to be easy to use, simple to install, and built to provide years of unmatched service – if it’s been installed properly. We have found a common reason for system malfunctions or unsatisfactory service comes from improper installations. Just like a high-performance gasoline Ferrari won’t run on diesel, the world’s original fisheye lens won’t monitor an intersection if it’s not connected right.

That’s why following our recommended Installation Best Practices Guide is absolutely essential to getting the very best out of your GRIDSMART products. We’ve tested our method thoroughly to ensure that your system operates at peak performance, and we’ve made sure it works with any modern electronic you decide to add to the traffic cabinet.

We know exactly what works best with our products – that’s why we require all GRIDSMART systems to be installed using our tried-and-true method. Installation is important to us. We’ve worked hard to perfect the method so you get the best service every time. And what we’ve found is that no method is perfect without just the right tools for the job.

Trust us, we’ve done a lot of tests, and we’ve found that the Diligent Instruments DLG Di-120b Tester and the Triplett Real World Certifier are the best for this system.

All GRIDSMART installations require burial grade, shielded, gel-filled, Cat5e cable, no more than 300 ft. long, with solid core 24 AWG conductors. The maximum length is vital to the life of the system because anything above 300 ft. requires a repeater be installed, so proper measurement of the cable is mandatory. And while some people may think they can measure right by sight or “walking off,” we know the only exact results come from meters. Because of its high level of accuracy in length measurements and its ability to provide cable quality measurements, we require the Triplett Real World Certifier be used for all installation measurements. It is easy to use, stores up to 250 test results, and provides quick, understandable results, in addition to telling you if your cable is wired correctly and at which speed it is capable of operating.

Similarly, we recommend the Diligent Instruments DLG Di-120b Tester for all ground resistance measurements during installation of a GRIDSMART system. A proper cabinet ground helps mitigate interference from electrical noise at the intersection, and the Diligent Instruments DLG Di-120b Tester measures multiple ground systems, data logging with 99 data points for exceptional results. It also provides a USB port for data downloading and storage for future testing and comparison.

We know what it takes to ensure excellent performance every day – and how important that performance is to you. So, we’ve simplified installation to make sure it works perfectly, every time. A key to a successful installation is having the right tools. You wouldn’t try to wash your car with a wooden spoon, so why try to install something as important as traffic cameras with anything less than the absolute best?

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