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My name is Bill Malkes, I am a founder at GRIDSMART. If we have not met, I am sorry for that, because I am thankful for everyone reading this. If you are reading this, I would guess you want to know more about GRIDSMART. We deliver advanced traffic solutions that anyone can use. More than that, we deliver respect for you, shown through what I guess you would call our love language, sweat.

GRIDSMART is made in the United States. Built strong by people who call East Tennessee home, no matter where we started. That means we say Sir and Ma’am, we talk a little slower and smile a little more. If you come to our office, you will get a firm handshake and be looked in the eye by a pair of friendly eyes who really mean it when they say “Glad y’all are here”. You will meet people who work here because they earn a living doing what they believe in, not people who are here just to get a pay check. You will meet people who really want to do a great job for you in everything they do. People who surely believe it when they say: Simple, Flexible, Transparent in all we do.  Come see us at INTERSECT16, you will feel it.

We could be like the other guys and make it cheaper somewhere else or even try and pass costs on to you. We just don’t want to. Fair dollar for a fair day and it cuts both ways-Customers and Team Members.

We like to think that starts where the company started. No one in Senior Management at GRIDSMART had college paid for them by someone being nice. One had an athletic scholarship, a guy who won a National Championship. Others had academic scholarships, including one who went to the Naval Academy and served our country; he only went to the Academy AFTER enlisting. Then, there are a lot whole who just worked hard and gave sweat to pay for our own education.

I have been called a “BlueTech Guy”. I admit it, I like it. I have pulled laundry shoots at inter-city hospitals, dug ditches in the country, put out fires and earned a lot of grime under my nails getting to where I could start GRIDSMART. That is who we are. We are the guys and gals who came from where you came from. We honestly care about what you do and about the people you do it for. We try to work extra hard to make at least a bit of your day easier. We want to be 15 minutes of shade for you on a hot day. That is why GRIDSMART will always be Simple. Flexible. Transparent.

That’s just me and that is all I know. A “Billism” around here to our vendors is “Earn my business with sweat, not sweet talk”.  I try to do the same for you.

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After much deliberation, and with much remorse, GRIDSMART has decided to cancel INTERSECT this year. The safety of our employees, distributors and customers is of utmost importance.