We had the opportunity to hear from top leaders of our GRIDSMART team about our new software release, GRIDSMART Protect. Matt King – Senior Product Manager, Andrew Hall – Principal Software Engineer, Youngrock Yoon – Principal Computer Vision Engineer, Tim Gee – Senior Principal Computer Vision Engineer, and John Isaac – Software Engineering Director.

Speaker 1:
Matt King
Speaker 2: Andrew Hall
Speaker 3: Youngrock Yoon
Speaker 4:
Tim Gee
Speaker 5:
John Isaac

While this webinar gave an excellent overview of what GRIDSMART Protect is and what it does, here were some of the key highlights:

  • Protect was designed for the vulnerable road user.
  • Provides touchless pedestrian actuation for tracking pedestrians and bicycles as they enter, travel through, and exit the intersection or crosswalk.

Key Benefits & Features

We were able to learn more about the benefits and features that Protect offers and how it focuses on improving detection for vulnerable road users (VRU) at the intersection. Protect focuses on intersection safety, extending signal clearance times for pedestrians or giving back valuable time to vehicle traffic when possible.

GRIDSMART Protect offers VRU safety features including:

  • Bikes-in-the-box
  • Pedestrian Actuation
  • Pedestrian Wait Zone for Touchless Actuation

With these new features from Protect, customers now can interpret even more in the intersection. For example, the direction the pedestrian intends to walk as well as pedestrians standing on the curb. This software is working to improve not only the safety for vulnerable road users but the efficiency of each intersection. Additionally, Protect focuses on providing in-depth reports that deliver data on bicyclists only. This includes turning movement, count reports, and volume reports. This, as well as having the ability to record 24/7, gives customers the option to look at specific times of the day or at certain intersections to assess efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s safety by design, efficiency by default.

To put your community first, install the GRIDSMART Solution with Protect today.
Watch the full webinar by clicking below.

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