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As a change agent in traffic, GRIDSMART puts a premium on user experience. GRIDSMART Support makes it simple to get answers to all GRIDSMART related questions. Your first line of support is your local distributor, but we are eager to help at anytime. GRIDSMART Customer Support can be reached at support@gridsmart.com or +1 866.652.5347.

The intuitive User Guide is also a great ‘go-to’ resource for questions!

Though you may have seen them already in the User Guide and Changelog, we’d like to remind you about two specific updates:

  1. Starting with version 6.0.2, the Client will tell you if a connected Processor requires a newer Client and will let you download that newer Client directly from the Processor.  No more running to a nearby coffee shop for WiFi to download the new Client!
  2. The new GS2 Front Panel shows useful operational information with clear and vibrant color LEDs. Phase and calls should be pretty straightforward to understand. Any flashing LED is something that deserves your attention. More details, including video, are available in the User Guide.
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