Safety shouldn’t come at a premium. GRIDSMART version 19.10, available for download today, delivers safety features for all vulnerable road users without charging a premium. 19.10 deploys pedestrian and cyclist safety features in the base GRIDSMART System, empowering all communities to protect vulnerable road users without additional fees. 

Several years ago, GRIDSMART introduced pedestrian zones, allowing cities to extend green time for slower pedestrians in the crosswalk. In 2019, GRIDSMART version 19.3 delivered an entirely new way to manage bicyclists at signalized intersections. GRIDSMART tracks cyclists as they travel through the intersection, providing the correct amount of green time for individuals based on their chosen path and speed.

Previously, both pedestrian zones and bikes-in-the-box were only available at an added cost, but our commitment to Improve One Billion Lives Through Intelligence made us reexamine this premium. GRIDSMART is the chosen video detection system in 1,300 communities worldwide, and all communities deserve the right to protect their citizens, regardless of budget. 

These new safety features can result in fewer accidents at the intersection, improving safety for all communities utilizing GRIDSMART. We’ve previously reported similar statistics, but they’re too important not to share again. Cyclist and pedestrian fatalities are steadily increasing. Earlier this year, the Governors Highway Safety Association reported that the number of pedestrians killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2018 was 6,283, the largest number of pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. since 1990. That same year, 857 cyclists were killed. 

GRIDSMART exists to improve safety and efficiency in intersections worldwide. Many streets are designed to accommodate drivers in cars, leaving pedestrians and cyclists vulnerable without dedicated bike lanes or adequate clearance times. Despite the data showing that cyclists and cyclist fatalities continue to increase in numbers, cities may not know there are cost-effective solutions to reduce unnecessary fatalities. GRIDSMART provides a simple solution designed with cyclist safety first and efficiency by default. 

That’s not all that 19.10 provides. In a nod to continued security enhancements, the ability to access the GRIDSMART Client from the device desktop has been disabled by default, helping you better protect your infrastructure and comply with evolving state laws. For customer flexibility, this feature may be enabled in the Device Manager.  

Another new feature is channels-to-phases mapping for TS2 and ITS (ATC). The Phases view of the GRIDSMART Device Manager will show the current Phases and Channel Groups. From this view, pre-configured Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) mode maps can be set on the Processor, allowing the FYA states to be recognized, logged in archived data, and displayed in the Client. For non-standard scenarios, GRIDSMART can help generate a custom channel map you can push to the device in the Device Manager. Zones can be configured for FYA in the Client. 

In true GRIDSMART Transparency, you can view the full list of enhancements on the GRIDSMART Changelog. Our team of Regional Sales Managers and Field Technicians are based across the country to deliver local support. We look forward to working with you to deploy 19.10! 

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