Taiwan may be known for its colorful culture, booming technology industry, and typhoon seasons, but their traffic is also attracting some attention. An increase in population density and lack of enforced regulations are causing dangerous traffic conditions for the commuters and people of Taoyuan, Taiwan.   

Located just 42km from the country’s capital, the city of Taoyuan is home to approximately 2.11 million residents. The easy commute to the capital brought new residents to Taoyuan, increasing the city’s already problematic traffic issues. 

Scooters are the primary method of transportation for most residents, but they tend to follow their own set of rules. At any time, you can see scooters navigating sidewalks around buses and trucks, using pedestrian zones to cross, and many other unnerving behaviors. To further complicate matters, often the streets become so crowded with scooters and other vehicles that police officers are dispatched at peak hours to stand in busy intersections and manually direct traffic. 

If you aren’t familiar with Taiwan’s fantastic traffic displays, we encourage you to watch the YouTube video below to truly understand its complexity.  


Note the way scooters turn left at an intersection by crossing to a marked section on the other side of the intersection in front of the stop bar. It appears the scooter sections aren’t large enough to support the number of commuters causing scooterists to flood into the intersection in front of oncoming traffic. 

GRIDSMART tracks vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and scooters from entry, through the middle, to exit of the intersection, tailoring signal times to the intersection’s needs. Dangerous traffic congestion is improved by monitoring and adjusting traffic conditions based on real-time conditions.  

GRIDSMART also provides valuable data allowing traffic management to fine-tune signal timing and traffic flow strategies, rather than risking the safety of the officers directing traffic at the intersections. For the first time, the City of Taoyuan can accurately see when its peak volumes are as they change day by day. They can also break down what type of vehicles are traveling their city streets. 

GRIDSMART will continue helping Taoyuan and other Taiwanese cities achieve their Smart City goals by providing them relevant, real-time, usable information about their volume, make-up, and vehicle behaviors. These congestion management tools will make Taiwan a leading proponent of safer streets for the many scooters and bicycles navigating its roads every day. 


Written by Summer Johnson, Graphic Marketing Coordinator

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