We are taking INTERSECT training on the road. It’s called INTERSECT Bootcamp, and it’s a day of intensive, hands-on training hosted in multiple locations across the U.S.

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Fiber is the Future of ITS: Are You Ready to Go the Distance?

INTERSECT Boocamp brings a full day of intensive, hands-on training to a city near you. Technical experts from multiple organizations have partnered to present The Fundamentals of Fiber. Attendees will team highly-technical classroom training with group application, leaving Bootcamp armed with practical skills to deploy at the intersection. Classroom hours can be credited for IMSA, TARP and PDH.
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INTERSECT Bootcamp Dates and Registration

05/28 – Austin, TX

06/02 – Chicago, IL

06/09 – Los Angeles, CA

06/11 – San Jose, CA

07/21 – Jacksonville, FL

08/04 – Allentown, PA