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Tuesday – Thursday
October 8 – October 10, 2019
GRIDSMART Headquarters, Knoxville, TN

About the conference

An Annual Gathering of ITS Leaders

INTERSECT is an annual conference hosted by GRIDSMART in Knoxville, Tennessee every fall where industry leaders, speakers, engineers, and designers can come together to talk, debate, and determine how we succeed as an industry. Let your voice be heard through interactive discussions, learn actionable information from high-profile speakers, and participate in hands on training courses. Join us at GRIDSMART Headquarters for a full week dedicated to industry knowledge, and make lifelong connections with fellow members of the ITS community.
Connect. Share. Learn.

From The Ground Up

Your city, project, or product is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. INTERSECT is the foundation for training ITS professionals for the connected future of a technology driven transportation industry. Technicians earn TARP points through GRIDSMART specific product sessions and SEMAPHORE, an industry specific training program to educate the next generation of ITS professionals. Industry leaders share insight on developing the framework for successfully deploying intelligent technology as solutions in your community.

Join us on October 8-10, 2019 in Knoxville, Tennessee as we build transportation’s foundation “From The Ground Up.”

Conference Quotes

Highlights From INTERSECT17

“I love civil engineers, I do… But the answer was always concrete and re-bar, and the stuff that goes in the traffic control box is an after thought… No, it’s all about data, it’s about innovation… We should be doing dynamic signal control everywhere.”

Paul Brubaker


“I know a little something about transportation having traveled over 17.6 million miles… We’ve retired the space shuttles and we’re working on a new system that will allow us to travel to new destinations, like Mars… The technology we’re developing here on Earth will also be applicable to technology our astronauts will use going to Mars and other destinations like the asteroids or even going back to the moon.”

Dr. Don Thomas


“Public policy has advanced in minor ways, but the bottom line is still unknown. As we prepare for these conversations at INTERSECT18, there will be nuanced movement forward. It will be up to those who operate in the small slivers of that nuance who will step forward to lead.”

Regina Hopper