INTERSECT Will Stream Worldwide

On October 27-29, intelligent transportation systems professionals from around the world will gather at the GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. headquarters in Knoxville for INTERSECT15. 

INTERSECT15. will feature the latest high-tech innovations that are being developed and deployed worldwide to improve transportation safety, efficiency and mobility. The three day event will be an exchange of ideas, case studies and successes regarding transportation technology. Traffic professionals will hear real world applications of GRIDSMART deployments that allow traffic managers to use one technology to visually assess real-time traffic concerns and access long-term vehicle counts and performance data.

INTERSECT15 is where technology and application meet in the democratization of ITS.  Technology is never truly great unless it is flexible and accessible to all.  For those who could not make it to Knoxville, we are proud to share a peak into the future and a look back to some great success stories where creative customers used GRIDSMART to do more for less for their communities,” said Bill Malkes, CEO of GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc.

To join a session at INTERSECT, visit the event page and enter your email address when prompted. A full agenda is also available.

For more information, please contact Lauren Jochum at +1 (865) 466-3860 or