The success of a technology partnership between Swarco and GRIDSMART Technologies over the last 18 months in the Turkish city of Ordu, has led to the formal signing, here at Gulf Traffic, of a Distribution Agreement for the Middle East region to collectively support new projects emerging.

The advanced detection and tracking functionality of the GRIDSMART 360° camera solution were combined with the Swarco ITC-2 Traffic Signal Controller, supported by Jenoptik Robot’s camera Safety equipment. The result has seen Swarco successfully create a unique system that enables safer and more efficient movement of trafic and pedestrians in the holiday resort of Ordu, which sees up to 100,000 vehicles a day passing through the city.

Swarco used GRIDSMART Fisheye Detection Cameras at each of the 17 intersections affecting the traffic flow on the main road. Initially, the company collected data from each intersection to understand the behaviours of traffic, using GRIDSMART’s reporting software and automatic video capturing function. In most of the intersections, around 15-18 loop zones counted the flow and the turnings of each vehicle.

Armed with this data, Swarco’s ITC-2 Controllers were configured and programmed for adaptive traffic control. The result is that, using the vehicle counts from each direction and with the added complication of roundabouts at the intersections, the Swarco ITC-2 automatically makes decisions to optimise the traffic flow steadily and avoids congestion from a totally non-invasive video detection system.

It’s a system that has been proven, says Firas Attieh, Swarco’s Regional Manager for Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. “The latest data analysis when compared to the previous ones without adaptive traffic control, has demonstrated improvements in traffic flow of 24%, on average, on the Ordu main road. That is a very significant success rate for this new combined technology.”

“Technologically, our collaboration has added a unique detection and tracking solution to Swarco’s ITS systems, enabling many additional benefits to the TCS controller and data collection effciencies,” said John Harris, Business Development Director of Gridsmart Technologies.

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