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GRIDSMART Technologies is introducing new products during the ITS America Annual Meeting, continuing to enhance the company’s commitment to making traffic technology faster, smarter and easier.

“Our focus is to continually build the GRIDSMART lineup with affordable strategies that allow traffic managers to create safer and less congested communities,” said Dr. Jeff Price, Chief of Technology. “Our latest product, GRIDSMART Atlas, optimizes taxpayer dollars by deploying one product that can be utilized by various city entities.”

GRIDSMART Atlas is a web-based software solution that delivers a dynamic time-lapse loop of the recent past, allowing users to quickly capture an overview of traffic. It also empowers traffic departments to securely share imagery from GRIDSMART systems and other IP cameras with outside entities.

“Utilizing the infrastructure already in place, you can easily capture images and use them yourself; share them with other departments, such as fire, police, or homeland security; or even make them securely available to the public,” said Price. “Atlas allows different departments to have access to the parts they need, but provides fine-grained control so configurations and other admin operations won’t be disturbed.”

Because Atlas is accessed from any standard compliant web browser, there is no need for special software or applications. It displays correctly from a variety of devices, including wall displays, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Atlas was engineered to free up IT resources and uses less bandwidth than a typical video solution with nominal upkeep for IT departments.

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