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The Age of the Traffic Control Freak

How would you feel if somebody tried to sell you one of those old telephones where you have to dial the number using a rotary dial? Or what about one of those old cathode-ray tube TVs instead of the nice sleek flat screens TV that we use now? I could name another few examples, but […]

Powerful Vision Based Data Collection from GRIDSMART

ITS World Congress attendees will have the opportunity to experience GS2, a powerful new 1-U Processor by GRIDSMART Technologies, before it is released in 2016. “The GRIDSMART team has spent the past 18 months developing GS2. We were passionate about creating a product that incorporated feedback from customers without losing any technological advancements customers have come to […]

Tracking Camera Aids Intersection Safety

GRIDSMART Technologies’ single-camera, tracking-based vision solution collects real-time traffic information that can be used to improve safety at intersections. It uses a single camera with an ultra-wide angle lens to track all movement in its field of view, which allows for real-time management of intersections, including detecting cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians while recording turning movements, […]

Transportation Applications Move to Machine Vision’s Mainstream

That the machine vision industry is taking traffic installations seriously is evident by the amount of hardware and software products tailor-made for ITS applications that are now available on the market. A good example comes from US-based GRIDSMART Technologies which has developed a single wire fisheye camera that provides a horizon to horizon view for use at intersections. […]

GRIDSMART Introduces Web-based Traffic Solution

GRIDSMART Technologies is introducing new products during the ITS America Annual Meeting, continuing to enhance the company’s commitment to making traffic technology faster, smarter and easier. “Our focus is to continually build the GRIDSMART lineup with affordable strategies that allow traffic managers to create safer and less congested communities,” said Dr. Jeff Price, Chief of Technology. […]

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