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Latest flexible ITS solutions from GRIDSMART

GRIDSMART Technologies will announce new products at the ITS America Meeting, further solidifying the company’s commitment to simple, flexible, and transparent ITS solutions. “We are traffic control freaks, obsessive in our commitment to deliver practical tools to help traffic professionals move people safely and efficiently,” said Dr Jeff Price, Chief of Technology. “These new products are pure […]

GRIDSMART Cloud launches at Traffex 2015

GRIDSMART Technologies returns to Traffex this year to discuss its new innovations and international approvals, especially the UK Highways Agency and RTA Victoria certification for its GRIDSMART single-camera, tracking-based vision solution for actuation and data collection at intersections and on highways. With the release of GRIDSMART 5.0, the company is introducing GRIDSMART Cloud, which allows traffic professionals to use laptop […]

Vision-based Traffic Detection

Tennessee-based GRIDSMART Technologies has developed the GRIDSMART System, a single-camera, tracking-based vision solution for actuation and data collection at intersections and highways. The system uses a single camera with an ultra-wide angle lens to track all movement in its field of view, which allows for real-time management of intersections, including detecting cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians while recording […]

GRIDSMART Technology Can Prevent Pedestrian Fatalities

As communities are being called by U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to improve pedestrian and bicycle transportation safety in their communities through the “Mayors’ Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets,” a Knoxville, Tennessee based company has developed and deployed technology that collects real-time traffic information that can be used to improve safety at intersections. GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. makes the […]

Aldis Now GRIDSMART Technologies

After a successful year in both product development and sales, transportation systems specialist Aldis has changed its name to GRIDSMART Technologies, which it says more accurately reflects the company’s goals, product line and identity. GRIDSMART Technologies developed the GRIDSMART System, a tracking-based vision solution for actuation and data collection at intersections and highways.  The system uses a single […]

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Cut the Red Tape: Get Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Moving

By Teddy Vagias, Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Advocate You’ve probably heard the very old saying, “When one person dies, it’s a tragedy. When a million die, it’s a statistic.” According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1.3 million people die...

Why Reskilling is so Important to the ITS Industry

By Elaina Farnsworth, President & CEO of The NEXT Education There are few times in history when advancements in technology and information have caused such an upheaval in the workforce as to require an overhaul in the way workers are trained. Never has the...

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