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“Journey of a lifetime.”: Matt Cole

Before news broke that Matt Cole, president of Cubic Transportation Systems, was leaving, we caught up with him to discuss how the company is transforming the way we travel, and his many achievements there.

ORNL researchers use stop-light cameras to reduce fuel consumption of less-efficient vehicles via traffic management

The team’s first step in February 2018 was to use GRIDSMART cameras to create an image dataset of vehicle classes. With GRIDSMART cameras conveniently installed on the ORNL campus, the team also employed a ground-based roadside sensor system being developed at ORNL, allowing them to combine the overhead images with high-resolution ground-level views.

Simulations, AI enable GRIDSMART cameras to time traffic lights to MPG estimates

A first-year seed project funded by HPC4Mobility, the DOE Vehicle Technologies Office’s program for exploring energy efficiency increases in mobility systems, demonstrates how such a goal could be accomplished. Using the preexisting stop-light cameras of GRIDSMART, a Tennessee-based company that specializes in traffic-management services, researchers at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have designed a computer […]

ORNL Project Demonstrates Viability of ‘Smart’ Traffice Cameras to Save Fuel

To make such a camera-based control system work in the first place requires smart cameras placed at high-traffic intersections, able to capture images of vehicles and equipped to transmit the data. Fortunately, such camera systems do exist—including one produced by GRIDSMART, a company located just a few miles from the ORNL campus in East Tennessee.

Winfree Emphasizes Timing as Key to the Future of Transportation in GRIDSMART’s #talkITS Magazine Article

Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) Agency Director Greg Winfree explores the outer reaches of tomorrow’s transportation system — along with the tools and resources needed to get there — in a recent #talkITS magazine article. His article, “Timing is Everything: Technology, education, and tomorrow’s transportation workforce,” was published in the Fall 2019 issue of the […]

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The New INTERSECT Experience

Five years ago, we launched INTERSECT, a new way for transportation professionals to learn and grow at GRIDSMART Headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. INTERSECT’s mission is to train and educate technicians, engineers, and transportation leaders. This conference has...


At GRIDSMART, WE ARE DRIVEN. WE ARE DRIVEN to improve a billion lives. We will do that with our products, with our people, and through the relationships we forge. WE ARE DRIVEN by our core principles of simplicity, flexibility, and transparency. WE ARE...

GRIDSMART Technical Support: WE ARE REAL

The GRIDSMART Field Application Engineer (FAE) Organization is geographically based to provide direct customer support. The FAEs three primary responsibilities are customer training, installation support, and post-sales technical support.  All FAEs receive...

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After much deliberation, and with much remorse, GRIDSMART has decided to cancel INTERSECT this year. The safety of our employees, distributors and customers is of utmost importance.