GRIDSMART and Denso to demonstrate CV technology

US-based ITS companies GRIDSMART Technologies and Denso International America are to showcase GRIDSMART’s single camera intersection management system and Denso’s connected vehicle and infrastructure (C2X) technology working together to prevent vehicle/pedestrian crashed at an intersection.

GRIDSMART, DENSO to demonstrate connected vehicle technology

As Knoxville explores the possibilities of becoming the newest test-bed for connected and self-driving vehicle research, GRIDSMART Technologies Inc. and DENSO International America will host a joint demonstration Thursday to showcase how GRIDSMART’s single-camera intersection management system and DENSO’s connected vehicle and infrastructure technology can work together to prevent vehicle and pedestrian intersection crashes.

Technology Partnership Agreement

The potent pairing of GRIDSMART cameras with Swarco signal controllers has led to a Middle East distribution agreement with Gulf Traffic.

GRIDSMART Joins ITS America Leadership Circle

GRIDSMART Technologies of Knoxville has joined the Leadership Circle for the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, which promotes and enhances the use of technology to solve transportation challenges.