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GRIDSMART® Raises the Bar with GS2

GRIDSMART® Raises the Bar with GS2

Intelligent Transportation Systems provider launches all-new Processor and Performance Modules

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 17, 2016 — GRIDSMART® Technologies, Inc., developers of the world’s only single camera solution for intersection actuation, traffic data collection, and situational awareness, has officially launched its next generation system. The all-new GS2 Processor and Performance Modules are available globally to help traffic professionals  better identify improvement opportunities at any intersection.

“GS2 isn’t just an evolution of our Legacy Processor, but a complete redesign that we believe to be the most thought-out piece of hardware in the industry,” said Bill Malkes, CEO and co-founder at GRIDSMART. “We developed GS2 and the Performance Modules to be Simple, Flexible, and Transparent, the three core principles that define GRIDSMART and its products.”

GS2 works with the GRIDSMART Camera to actuate intersections and gather important traffic data that can be utilized to adjust signal timing and traffic flow strategies in real time. Housed in an artisan-forged, single-piece enclosure, GS2 was developed in part by world-renowned global design firm, IDEO. The multi-disciplinary team consisted of engineers, communication designers, ergonomic professionals, and traffic experts. The design process included an extensive ethnographic research of end-users, consultants, and industry trends.

“While we’re excited about GS2, we’re also thrilled about the possibilities with our new Performance Modules,” said Malkes. “We’ve been offering software modules since 2010, but our new approach stands to change the way people manage traffic forever, with accumulated data that will help us identify and learn from trends, better our business, and offer pay-as-you-go flexibility for the future.”

With GS2, all traffic data is captured and stored in GRIDSMART Cloud. That traffic data, owned and maintained by GRIDSMART, is made fully available to customers who elect to purchase the Performance or Performance Plus Module. “Our core principles have always been Simple, Flexible, and Transparent, which is why we’re comfortable saying how the data will be collected, stored, and used,” said Malkes. “When a customer buys the Performance or Performance Plus Module, they’ll get never-before seen insight into the behavior of an intersection, but we also want that information to be available for the greater good of global infrastructures. Toward that aim, we have taken on the task of long-term data hosting, ownership, and maintenance. Traffic data is not vehicle specific or individualized – it’s just hard facts designed to improve the major problems associated with traffic light timing, congestion, and highway inefficiencies.”

GRIDSMART GS2 and the Performance and Performance Plus Modules are available now. For more information about the entire product line, visit gridsmart.com.


Founded in 2006, GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. is a Knoxville, Tennessee based company backed by venture capital investment from around the United States. Used in thousands of intersections across 46 states and 22 countries, GRIDSMART systems include the industry’s only open API, built-in replay functionality, and a published change log. GRIDSMART products are built to be Simple, Flexible, and Transparent. For more information, visit gridsmart.com.


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