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Knoxville Company Recognized with International Transportation Award

The City of Hamilton, GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc., and other project partners were recently awarded the ‘Best ITS Project/Program’ by the Intelligent Transportation Society of Canada. The award recognized the City of Hamilton’s Fast Track Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), which was deployed to provide a traffic monitoring and control solution for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

The City of Hamilton created the ATMS to put congestion mitigation strategies in operation to provide safe and efficient transportation for athletes, dignitaries, and visitors. Traffic engineers utilized intelligent traffic technology from GRIDSMART to monitor and control the fan’s travel experiences to soccer matches.

 GRIDSMART developed ATLAS, a web-based software solution allowing the city’s traffic engineers and emergency services to utilize a single system to monitor and control real-time conditions during the Pan Am Games. ATLAS collected imagery from the city’s existing traffic cameras and consolidated the information into a dynamic, time-lapse loop so users could quickly see what was happening throughout the city.   

 “You’ve got fire, police, and traffic all looking at the same data and identifying problems together and using the same data to come up with solutions,” said Nelson Melendez, Project Manager, Advanced Traffic Management System, City of Hamilton.

 ATLAS, being entirely web-based and requiring less bandwidth than a typical video solution, saved the city from having to provide additional IT and infrastructure.

“ATLAS solved Hamilton’s transportation and safety challenges quickly and without requiring costly, new infrastructure,” said said Preston Garland, Director of Web Services at GRIDSMART.   

Traffic engineers used the dynamic, time-lapse loop delivered by ATLAS to monitor and manage the fans’ travel experiences. The real-time delivery allowed the department to quickly assess traffic patterns and adapt to changing conditions to prevent gridlock.

“With this system in place, when we got a phone call, we generally had an understanding of what was going on right away. That helped us make changes if we needed to,” said Kris Jacobson, Superintendent of Traffic Operations, City of Hamilton.

Emergency management departments also adopted ATLAS as a resource when responding to incident calls. When a fire broke out two blocks from the soccer stadium, for example, the fire department used ATLAS to determine which direction the smoke plume was traveling and see quickly that there would be no impact on the stadium.

“ATLAS is being released in the GRIDSMART spirit of Simple, Flexible, and Transparent,” said Bill Malkes, GRIDSMART CEO.  He added, “We love to work with pioneers full of vision like the City of Hamilton.” 


Founded in 2006, GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. is a Knoxville, Tennessee based company backed by venture capital investment from around the United States. Used in thousands of intersections across 46 states and 22 countries, GRIDSMART systems include the industry’s only open API, built-in replay functionality, and a published change log. GRIDSMART products are built to be Simple, Flexible, and Transparent. For more information, visit gridsmart.com.


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