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We don’t want to sell you a product, we want to earn you as a customer.  Our products are designed to solve real world needs with Simple solutions based on input from you.

Intelligent Traffic Solutions

Field Tested. Engineer Approved.

Operating with three core values, Simple. Flexible. Transparent, GRIDSMART is deployed in intersections across the globe, in urban locations with a high density of drivers, bikers and pedestrians to rural communities tucked in the Appalachian Mountains.

Our vision didn’t stop at the intersection. GRIDSMART delivers smart traffic management solutions to communities of all sizes so they can reduce urban congestion, maximize efficiency and decrease environmental impact. Real-time performance data, including time-stamped traffic volumes, turns and average speeds, is collected and made available for analysis and better decision making. A rich set of APIs and Web Services facilitates easy integration to feed Smart City Portals and other applications.

simple. flexible. transparent.


GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. believes traffic professionals deserve better than finicky, expensive detection systems. This vision created the GRIDSMART System, the world’s most trusted and only field-tested, single camera system that gathers and interprets important traffic data, empowers traffic engineers to adjust signal timing and traffic flow strategies, and enables real-time monitoring and visual assessment.


The Bell Camera


GS2 Processor



Horizon to Horizon View

The Bell Camera

GRIDSMART’s iconic Bell Camera features the original fisheye lens with horizon to horizon viewing capabilities and is the world’s first single-camera solution for intersection actuation, traffic data collection, and situational awareness.

Edge Computing

The GS2 Processor

Highlighting each intersection’s phases, calls, and status with bright, multi-colored LEDs, the GS2 Processor runs the GRIDSMART Engine, a suite of vision-tracking algorithms that build a 3-dimensional model of approaching objects.

Your own tmc


The GRIDSMART Cloud is where customers can download Client software and firmware updates. Our existing Client modules are Performance, Performance Plus, and Pedestrian.

Complex Sites

Traditional Camera

The GRIDSMART Bell Camera fulfills the lion’s share of your intersection demands. If you are looking for advanced detection, add a Traditional Camera. For bigger or more complex sites, the GRIDSMART Processor can support two Bell Cameras. Our Traditional Camera comes in when you need advanced detection or detection at an underpass or garage exit.

Secure infrastructure


Cyber attacks are occurring across our nation and in our infrastructure. ISTI constantly looks at our infrastructure for emerging vulnerabilities and counter actions and sharings actions for your network to be better prepared. ITSI will customize testing and training for communities of all sizes to help you understand threats, remediation techniques and recovery efforts. At ISTI, we believe that education, not fear, is the correct path to securing a safe infrastructure for everyone.

Real-time Management


Travel time and origin-destination reports are the backbone of a plethora of traffic data outputs from STREETSMART. Using advanced Wi-fi sniffing algorithms, STREETSMART captures a significantly larger sample size than Bluetooth alternatives leading to greater accuracy and more actionable data.

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