The GRIDSMART Cloud is where customers can download Client software and firmware updates. Our existing Client modules are Performance, Performance Plus, and Pedestrian.


Real Time Access to Your Data

Every night your valuable data is uploaded to the GRIDSMART Cloud via a modem providing access to immediate or historical data. No matter what configuration you choose, your modem will back up intersection configurations, giving operators the ability to recover data or share it with colleagues. Also, forget about trips to the cabinet to retrieve data. It’s all available with a few mouse clicks in the intuitive GRIDSMART App. Running on either a laptop or desktop, the Client allows you to set up detection and counting zones, view intersections and highways, and even generate performance reports anytime, anywhere.

Feature Overview

Simple. Flexible. Transparent.


Load the GRIDSMART App on unlimited computers

Multiple Configurations

Create multiple intersection configurations

Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Configure four different views and adjust those at anytime

Secure Cloud Backup

Upload data to the GRIDSMART Cloud

Virtual DVR

Plug in a USB drive to watch your intersection in action with phases and calls depicted

Automatic Alerts

All system event alerts
Actionable data

Simple Access to Intersection Data

All GRIDSMART System Processors come with a 30-day trial data license so you can experience value added data on your desktop. You can continue or upgrade your software module at any time to get the most accurate data in the industry.

Modules are independently licensed software components that add flexibility, maximize value, and create simple solutions for diverse needs. Modules can be added at any time. All modules are perpetually licensed for your GRIDSMART intersection, regardless of future hardware and software updates.

Data Module


The Performance Module delivers an abundance of reports including counts, length-based classifications, turning movements, red and green occupancy, and cycle lengths. All of your native data is unleashed with the powerful API when you add the Performance Module.
Data Module

Performance Plus

The Performance Plus Module includes all of the functionality of the Performance Module and adds email alert capability, including both Site and Zone Alerts. Site Alerts include All System Events, Loss of Visibility, Cabinet Flash, and Volume Exceeded. Zone Alerts include Volume Exceeded and Zone Activated. Additional new alerts released with software updates are all included.

The Performance Plus Module enables the GRIDSMART solution to detect pedestrians moving through crosswalks for extensions and increased safety. Note that the Pedestrian Module does not support counting or actuation.

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