The GRIDSMART System actuates intersections and gathers important traffic data to adjust signal timing and traffic flow strategies. GRIDSMART enables real-time remote monitoring and visual assessment.


GRIDSMART delivers the industry’s only horizon-to-horizon views with its iconic bell camera. The milled aluminum bell housing shields the fisheye optics from the elements. Only with GRIDSMART can you see the center of the intersection, a view that is not available with first generation video.


The GS2 Processor is housed in an artisan-forged, single-piece, GRIDSMART-tough enclosure. Built with flexibility in mind, the 1U-high Processor can be rack-mounted, lie horizontally, or stand vertically. The GS2 front panel shows phases, calls, and status with bright, multi-color LEDs.


The GRIDSMART System is managed by the GRIDSMART Client. The intuitive Client software, with virtual pan-tilt-zoom functionality, empowers traffic managers to configure, view, and manage intersections and highways in real time. With the Client, you can even have the system automatically email you reports and alerts.

GRIDSMART is installed in thousands of intersections all over the world. Please look for one of our distributors near you to help get GRIDSMART running in your community today.

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