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Data breaches will happen.
How you respond defines your organization.

data breaches

Cost of a Single Cyberattack

For many city and traffic employees, the threat of a data breach is a distant risk – something that only happens to other organizations. But it isn’t distant at all; it’s very real. City and critical infrastructure, like transportation, are high-value targets that are threatened and attacked daily, though most cases never make the news.

The total cost for a single cyberattack is determined by several factors: value of data, cost of downtime, and time between the hack occurring and being discovered. The best way for a city or organization to assess their cost is to identify a few potential scenarios and walk through what the likely impact would be in those situations. Three examples to walk through include: „„


  • What if your city lost access to a non-critical system or service?„
  • What if your city was liable for losing citizen personal or sensitive information?„„
  • What if your city’s networks were infected?
Starting point


GRIDSMART has put together a process to help educate customers, identify specific needs, and provide proven, vetted solutions. Our goal is to guide customers to an improved security posture with a higher probability of recovering quickly with resilience in the event they experience a security breach.


GRIDSMART’S existing customers are provided a complimentary educational seminar that dives into the current state of the market, current hacks and attacks to be aware of, high level reconnaissance for sensitive information on the dark web, and easy-to-implement suggestions for security improvements.


Services That Help Improve Security Against Outside Threats.

  • Passive Network Assessment – This assessment is a macro-to-micro, non-volatile inspection of your public-facing internet presence, wireless deployment, and internal network configuration. With a minimal impact on your day-to-day operations, the Passive Network Assessment provides an excellent starting point, remediation strategy included.
  • Penetration Testing – A more detailed and comprehensive review of your organization’s systems, devices, and network inside and out.
  • Employee Training – seventy-five percent or more of all data breaches are due to an internal employee making a mistake. Tricking an employee to open a file or click on a link is the lowest barrier to entry for any hacker and is the preferred means of attack.
  • Pentesting Products – Before you add a new device or product to a network, you should be asking yourself, “What potential risk does this add to our organization?” Pentesting allows you to get an independent third-party report to analyze the risk you may be unintentionally accepting.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning – Speed of response is one of the most important elements for limiting damages, cost, and amount of downtime. A well-crafted plan made in advance allows organizations to react immediately to a situation, saving precious time.


Software That Helps Identify an Issue Immediately

  • Beowulf – This software is an innovative, next-generation threat intelligence platform, monitoring discrete communications platforms and data dump sites hosted in the DarkNet’s and DeepWeb’s hidden services. Beowulf uses complex algorithms to interrogate data, distinguishing threat from noise; reporting accordingly.


Digital Forensic Incident Response (DFIR)

  • Data Breach Response – Stop the bleeding and ensure that no more damage can be done and a hacker’s access has been revoked.
  • Digital Forensic Analysis – Uncover what was accessed or stolen, how they gained access, and, many times, even who did it.
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Additional Benefits for Existing Customers

GRIDSMART’s existing customers are provided a complimentary educational seminar that dives into the current state of the market, current hacks and attacks to be aware of, high-level reconnaissance for sensitive information on the DarkNet or DeepWeb, and easy-to-implement suggestions for security improvements.

Customers will have the opportunity to schedule an annual, free consultative phone call with one of GRIDSMART’s security experts to discuss potential areas of concern.

GRIDSMART customers will also receive discounts on services and software provided by our GRIDSMART partners.

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