GRIDSMART works hard to make our customers’ lives easier.  We are proud to introduce SMARTMOUNT, designed to simplify camera installation, reduce bucket truck time and increase safety during your installation, assuring an optimal install.

SMARTMOUNT includes the iconic Bell Camera, GRIDSMART custom modular pole assembly, redesigned junction box, SMARTMOUNT bracket, and Electronic Protection Module (EPM). The pole assembly provides height flexibility and has been independently tested for wind speed up to 150MPH. Shipping is simplified through the modular design.

The SMARTMOUNT Kit will be available to select customers starting in August 2018.  A soft launch will be rolled out over the next two months to hand-picked customers around the country: these customers will be notified prior to shipping the new SMARTMOUNT Kit to avoid any surprises or uncertainty.  This beta period will ensure a seamless introduction of the new product.  GRIDSMART will fully transition to the SMARTMOUNT Kit on September 1st, 2018.