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A single fisheye camera provides what others can’t: a full intersection view, including the center where cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians actually cross paths.

Industry Pioneers

Horizon to Horizon Vision Tracking

GRIDSMART pioneered horizon to horizon vision tracking to actuate intersections with the iconic Bell Camera, a single fisheye camera providing what others can’t: a full intersection view, including the center where cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters, bicycles, and pedestrians actually cross paths. The horizon to horizon approach offers highly accurate turn counts, unmatched situational awareness, views and functionality from the center of the intersection, and unobstructed incident management views.

The camera’s virtual pan-tilt-zoom enables users to set up multiple views and adjust those anytime as needed without impacting performance. The aesthetically pleasing, environmentally conducive bell shape of the camera isn’t just for looks. The iconic Bell Camera shape protects the lens by mitigating sun glare and adverse weather conditions while decreasing annual maintenance.

Feature Overview

Simple. Flexible. Transparent.

Fisheye Optics

Horizon to horizon view, including the center of the intersection

No Aim, No Focus

No need to aim or focus the camera, lifetime guarantee

Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Configure four different views and adjust those from your computer

Simple to Install

Reduce bucket truck time and increase safety during installation

One camera

Single-camera does the work of four traditional cameras
Optimal Installs


GRIDSMART works hard to make our customers’ lives easier. We are proud to introduce SMARTMOUNT designed to simplify camera installation, reduce bucket truck time, and increase safety during your installation, ensuring an optimal install.
SMARTMOUNT includes the iconic Bell Camera, GRIDSMART custom modular pole assembly, redesigned junction box, SMARTMOUNT bracket, and Electronic Protection Module (EPM). The pole assembly provides height flexibility and has been independently tested for wind speed up to 150MPH. Shipping is simplified through the modular design.
Complex sites

Traditional Camera

The GRIDSMART Bell Camera fulfills the lion’s share of your intersection demands. If you are looking for advanced detection, add the Traditional Camera. For bigger or more complex sites, the GRIDSMART Processor can support two Bell Cameras. Our Traditional Camera comes in when you need advanced detection or detection at an underpass or garage exit.
Video Overview

Installing The Bell Camera

Product details

Specifications and FAQs

Single-camera vehicle detection and counting, highway counting and monitoring
Rugged, environmentally-sealed, no aim, no focus
Horizon to horizon, including the center of the intersection

Power over Ethernet
Internally pressurized and leak tested
Water submersion and freezing
Shipping and handling (packaging) test

2560 x 1920 pixels
180° Fisheye
Single-shielded Cat5e cable for power and data
Video Output
9.9” diameter x 7.9” (25 X 20.1 cm)
¼ inch milled aluminum, IP68


Vibration (approx. to ANSI C136.31-2010 section 5 for luminaires)
Wind tunnel drag force
Hot/cold force-to-move >60lbs (>180mph winds)
Salt Spray, ASTM G85, Annex A3

SMARTMOUNT Junction Box & Repeater

Hot/cold submersion
UV exposure (>7yrs Phoenix, AZ equivalent)
Vibration (approx. to ANSI C136.31-2010 section 5 for luminaires)

-29°F to +165°F
(-34°C to +74°C)
0 to 95% non-condensing
5W nominal
50W with heaters on
FCC Class A
3-year hardware warranty
With GRIDSMART you can go from arriving at your intersection to done in 3 hours or less. With a single, no aim, no focus camera mounted with SMARTMOUNT and connected to your GS2 Processor through a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection, you’re out of the bucket truck and having your morning coffee before 10 am.
With a single downward facing lens protected by the iconic Bell Camera shaped enclosure, your annual maintenance is a quick wipe down and move on. No more closing multiple lanes and moving your bucket around the intersection.
Data to Your Inbox

With the Performance Plus Module, you can set up the data feeds you need and have them delivered to your inbox as often as you like. Set it up once and get the benefits for years to come with no annual fees.

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