Safety is the most fundamental need in your intersections.

But existing in-ground detection and approach-based systems do not do enough, especially for vulnerable road users.

That’s why Cubic Transportation Systems is introducing GRIDSMART Protect.

GRIDSMART Protect keeps vulnerable road users safe by providing touchless pedestrian actuation on the curb and tracking pedestrians and bicyclists as they enter, travel through, and exit the intersection.

Protect is intended for intersections where you need VRU safety and analytics, but you may already have other functioning detection, or don’t even require traditional detection.

Outputs from Protect allow you to extend clearance times to accommodate each vulnerable road user, no matter how quickly or how slowly they move through the intersection, giving back remaining time to vehicle traffic when possible.

You can leverage touchless pedestrian actuation for improving safety, providing for the disabled, or even detecting an “all clear” if pedestrian call is placed but the pedestrians left early.

It’s safety by design, efficiency by default.

We designed this solution to be accessible for every community, regardless of your controller or detection technology.

Moving from GRIDSMART Protect to the full GRIDSMART System functionality when you are ready is a SIMPLE software upgrade.

Take care of your community with a GRIDSMART solution that puts safety first and improves lives: GRIDSMART Protect.


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