I recently visited Dimondale, Michigan for our annual GRIDSMART Training Day. As a first-time attendee, I asked why we started the GRIDSMART Training Day. Chuck Wilson, Regional Sales Manager, gave me the sincerest answer, “Most of the people in this class aren’t able to attend INTERSECT, so instead of going to trade shows, I wanted to bring INTERSECT to them.”

I thought to myself how rare it is to find companies who truly care about their customers and actually try to make a difference. GRIDSMART believes the future of the ITS industry depends on pushing outward through multiple thought leadership efforts to help the industry as a whole.

Chuck Wilson, Regional Sales Manager, and Chris Robson, Field Application Engineer, at the GRIDSMART Training Day.

INTERSECT is an annual, [BM1] 3-day event held on GRIDSMART’s campus in Knoxville, TN, where ITS professionals come together to discuss current trends and the future of the ITS industry. The event includes guest speakers, both industry and non-industry related, training classes that satisfy TARP and PDH credits, and our GRIDSMART Day of Service.

We created INTERSECT so ITS professionals could network and begin an open dialogue about current issues and trends. During INTERSECT, we explore commonalities and help others find solutions to their infrastructure needs. We believe by bringing everyone together we can develop unity as an industry and continue working together to improve our infrastructures.

GRIDSMART is aware of restrictions on travel for government workers and will sponsor early registration fees. Visit INTERSECTconference.com/register to reserve your spot!


#talkITS is a bi-annual magazine publication produced by GRIDSMART which features articles collected from ITS professionals throughout the industry with a focus on application, solutions, and execution. #talkITS provides readers with thought-provoking content ranging from issues facing traffic technicians in the field to how the industry prepares for the autonomous future.


During INTERSECT17, we asked our attendees for feedback on more ways we can help the ITS industry. The most common trend we heard was an overall lack of straightforward news. GRIDSMART listened and filled the need by producing #talkITS to streamline information for our peers.

To receive a copy of #talkITS, subscribe here.


POLICYSMART is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by GRIDSMART’s Senior VP of Global Public Policy, Regina Hopper. It features discussions with guest speakers and industry leaders regarding current news, policy trends, and events in the ITS industry.


With many ITS professionals constantly on the road, we created another channel to keep our peers informed about current ITS policies and trends. Through POLICYSMART, we raise awareness about micro-issues within the ITS industry that may be overlooked and discuss how they impact the workforce and the public.

You can download the POLICYSMART App on the Apple App Store and Google Play and you can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Play, and now on Spotify.

GRIDSMART makes decisions about our products and services intentionally, always keeping our customers in mind. Our goal is to advance the ITS industry and make a difference in our local communities. From thought leadership initiatives like INTERSECT, POLICYSMART, and #talkITS, to our product design, GRIDSMART will continue to push outward to develop unity and further the ITS industry and our infrastructures.

We are always interested in hearing from our customers. If you have an interest in training classes in your community or thoughts on a topic to cover, please reach out to our team at marketing@GRIDSMART.com.

Written by Summer Johnson, Graphic Media Coordinator

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After much deliberation, and with much remorse, GRIDSMART has decided to cancel INTERSECT this year. The safety of our employees, distributors and customers is of utmost importance.