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One hears about corporations in the news wanting to be “people” when it comes to political influence and basic rights. However, most corporations shy far way from being human when it comes to all the other things that go with being part of a greater good. We try hard not to be “that guy” at GRIDSMART. We honor and love the military, the police and fire officers that put their lives on the line daily for all of us. We respect and treasure those from all disciplines who work daily to make life better for everyone. We try to make a difference, not only in the way we do business, but in what we do outside of business.

image1Today,  I salute GRIDSMART’s own, Don Chouinard, who served as part of Operation Sharp Edge for the United States Marines in Liberia in 1990. Sharp Edge was an evacuation operation that freed non-combatants and foreign nationals from an extremely hostile environment, delivering them to safety. Under fire from hostiles, the United States Marines secured a perimeter and held the ground while the innocent were delivered to safety. Thank you Lance Corporal Chouinard and thanks to all who served in Operation Sharpe Edge, from everyone in the GRIDSMART family. It is those willing to sacrifice their safety, their comfort, their time, their financial resources who are the heroes that make this world better for all. We believe it is our responsibility at GRIDSMART to stand by you. Thanks all I know.

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