Transportation Solutions To Help Your City Thrive

Learn how to maximize transportation technology for evolving user demands and create safe solutions in a post-pandemic world.

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Be prepared

Leverage Technology To Adapt And Thrive Post-Pandemic

Our team has worked side-by-side with our global partners to manage evolving transportation demands driven by the pandemic. We feel it is our duty to share knowledge on how your city can leverage transportation technologies to adapt your infrastructure and accommodate changes in traveler behavior.

This ebook highlights the breadth of technologies that provide a safe, seamless journey for all types of travelers from public transport to pedestrians and cyclists. From limiting touchpoints in public transit networks, to leveraging mobile technology for boarding passes and payments these measures will ensure travelers feel secure in utilizing public transportation and roadways during the pandemic.

Our goal is to inspire and educate on how you can leverage transportation technology to keep your city moving safely and efficiently.

Leveraging Technology

Transportation Solutions for Your City

Going Contactless

Contactless, account-based fare collection supports the removal of cash and minimizes touchpoints in a transportation fare payment environment.

Updating Touchpoints

Gates that require minimal contact and technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy and biometric integration allow for seamless, no-touch passenger ticket detection. 

Leverage Mobile Technology

Enables passengers to board buses, trams, and trains without tapping payment cards or smartphones.

Manage Congestion

Ensure cities can achieve economic stability while maintaining a safe environment for all users.

Download the Ebook

Use this ebook to develop your city’s roadmap for resilience. Covid-19 has illuminated the weak points in transportation systems and we believe technology will no doubt be pivotal in helping cities tackle these challenges.

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