Despite the 1 percent decrease in traffic fatalities, cyclist and pedestrian fatalities rose 10 percent in 2018, according to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This is the second year in a row for pedestrian and cyclist fatalities to rise to their highest since 1990. What caused this increase? According to NHTSA, it’s “too soon to speculate.”

A reason for this rise in pedestrian and cyclist fatalities could stem from the increase in readily available e-bikes and e-scooters. Others blame smartphones for pedestrians’ distracted walking. Whatever the cause, more cities are promoting walkable and cyclist friendly commutes, and roadways have yet to be designed with those users in mind.

California recognizes the importance of safety for vulnerable road users and began paving the road with a policy specifically targeting cyclist safety, the California MUTCD 2014 Revision 3. Under this law, the state of California requires signal timing and actuation to consider the needs of cyclists. GRIDSMART applauds California’s focus on cyclist safety, but we realize this safety issue affects vulnerable road users across the world.

GRIDSMART designed the Performance Plus Module in version 19.3 to protect cyclists and other vulnerable road users from preventable accidents at the intersection using the box. In comparison to traditional stop line discrimination, 19.3 focuses on the center of the intersection, where vulnerable road users need the most protection. 19.3 improves the safety and efficiency of intersections by tailoring extended call times for individuals who need it. As a cyclist approaches the box, 19.3 software detects the cyclist and extends the call until the individual exits the box.

The significance? Cyclists travel at different speeds, and some may need more or less time to safely cross the intersection. The new 19.3 software allows all cyclists the appropriate amount of time to travel through the intersection and enables the intersection to resume once the box is cleared.

Too often we hear of accidents and injuries in the news involving cyclists and other vulnerable road users that were preventable. GRIDSMART’s 19.3 provides a simple solution designed with cyclist safety first and efficiency by default. Protect vulnerable road users in your community with GRIDSMART’s Performance Plus Module, 19.3.

Learn more about 19.3 on FREAK SPEAK or check out a full demonstration in our Introduction to 19.3 webinar.

Written by Summer Johnson, Graphic Marketing Coordinator, GRIDSMART, a Cubic Company


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